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    Please read the first post of the thread:

    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the feedback forum.

  • Itronlegends
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    hi will powder toy will be updated now

  • jacob1
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    I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the year. No promises though :P

    It probably won't add any new elements, I'll leave that for the next update.
  • Nunnhem
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    PSTS is extremely hard to destroy in the presence of high life GBMB. I reckon that you add a way to destroy PSTS without altering gravity. Maybe under extreme vaccum the effect of the gravity could be overridden.

    Also powered breakable pipe (PBPI) would be nice for making more destructable factories

    EDIT: PSTS is impossible to destroy if it is constasntly accompinied by exploding DMG

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  • creeper_13th
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    can u make a speed up button update and tell me how to do it

  • QuanTech
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    @creeper_13th (View Post)

     Press '~' to open the in-game console and type in tpt.setfpscap(2)

    This will speed up the game to the maximum your computer can handle (150 fps for me)

  • Victor101
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    Hey jacob1, i think you remember me, from the save of the broken TTAN.


    I said that a game called noita was a game where every pixel is simulated in real time, also groups of pixels can make bigger objects like falling rocks from a cave, that's the part i want to the game, you said that you're finding how did they do that, well here's my awnser to that:


    Let me explaing about the game development for a minute.


    Every game has an engine, that upgrades the game to other level, its a set of tools, it csn make things that does right and things that does bad, in this case "Noita" is using an engine called "Falling Everything" the things that does well is make those realistic effects for falling objects, TPT is almost a game and i think the engine will help, i dont know, im just a teen... You know all about that

  • Lord_Bowserinator
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    @Victor101 (View Post)

     It's not like you can just rewrite TPT using a new game engine though. You'd need to rewrite most of the simulation code.