What is powder coins?

  • Paulo_fofis
    30th Jan 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    what is powder coin, I was playing, when it appears a message written "buy powder coin now"

  • DanielGalrito
    30th Jan 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    It was a joke update on April Fools that turned Powder Toy into a microtransaction mess something truly beautiful.

    You could unlock element packets with these coins.

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  • thechubbyhusky
    31st Jan 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    no it is truly the most powerful and useful universal currency. i believe you should invest in it or jacobot will "eliminate" you

    31st Jan 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    @DanielGalrito (View Post)

     Just like the fake hack of 2012, ah good times that was indeed. That was way worse than the powder coins joke! People where actually tripping out and I bet crying, maybe on the side dying of laughter!

  • NukingBoi69420
    21st October Member 0 Permalink

    powder coin is just ground up coin

  • IlikeUssr
    23rd October Member 0 Permalink


    But make powdercoin like bitcoin xD