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  • TheSupaMario
    15th January Member 1 Permalink

    what if we had an easier way to place particles on different layers?

    for most people, it's a pain to place particles at the same X and Y position so that they overlap in the right order in those different layers.

    so, adding this would really help people who want to make their own realistic humans (you know, and figure with muscles and bones on each layer)

  • Cracker1000
    15th January Member 0 Permalink

    There are already some mods which allow you to layer elements easily.

    For eg try this one

  • LBPHacker
    15th January Member 0 Permalink

    Up. But for the record, layering is a niche feature; it's barely supported (just kinda works) and likely won't be supported to a greater extent in the future either. The things you refer to as "different layers" don't actually exist; instead, the order particles are rendered (and thus seem to be ordered along the Z axis, or how far away they are from you, kinda) depends on their ID. Since the particle ID is a concept even more technical than layering, any feature that operates directly with IDs is an even more niche feature than layering.


  • kazitor
    16th January Member 0 Permalink

    Yeah, I hear layering gets absolutely no official support.

  • EugeneMark
    18th January Member 0 Permalink

    I find it difficult to name the problem specifically so that you can understand, so I will sign it. I copy part (using CTRL + C). then after working with this part, I want to turn it (I use R), everything works, only the part turns a little to the right (1 cell) it really hinders (I think everyone), and I would like you to fix it, it's not difficult, but I For this, the ad blocker turned off :)

  • erictom333
    23rd January Member 0 Permalink

    @EugeneMark (View Post)

     Placing and rotating stamps work on the 4x4 grid that walls are placed on. To nudge your selection, use the arrow keys.

  • TheSupaMario
    23rd February Member 0 Permalink

    @cracker1000 (View Post)

     But I want a script, and without those other unneeded things this mod provides!