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  • TheSupaMario
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  • Cracker1000
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    There are already some mods which allow you to layer elements easily.

    For eg try this one

  • LBPHacker
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    Up. But for the record, layering is a niche feature; it's barely supported (just kinda works) and likely won't be supported to a greater extent in the future either. The things you refer to as "different layers" don't actually exist; instead, the order particles are rendered (and thus seem to be ordered along the Z axis, or how far away they are from you, kinda) depends on their ID. Since the particle ID is a concept even more technical than layering, any feature that operates directly with IDs is an even more niche feature than layering.


  • kazitor
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    Yeah, I hear layering gets absolutely no official support.

  • EugeneMark
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    I find it difficult to name the problem specifically so that you can understand, so I will sign it. I copy part (using CTRL + C). then after working with this part, I want to turn it (I use R), everything works, only the part turns a little to the right (1 cell) it really hinders (I think everyone), and I would like you to fix it, it's not difficult, but I For this, the ad blocker turned off :)

  • erictom333
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    @EugeneMark (View Post)

     Placing and rotating stamps work on the 4x4 grid that walls are placed on. To nudge your selection, use the arrow keys.

  • TheSupaMario
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