The Realistic Physics Mod

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    I'm developing a mod that simulates real physics, now almost all destructive particles have 4 states: solids, liquids, gases and plasma. I also added latent heat, broken state and altered the nuclear fission method.

    Features v1.0:

    1 -> I fixed the updating of the air, which before was asymmetrical.
    2 -> I added the gaseous state, liquid as a particle, and uses its ctype.

    3 -> PLUT and URAN, the fission is no longer based on the pressure, now its tmp indicates its fuel, as a circle, PLUT has a critical mass of 10 in diameter and URAN with 16 in diameter, neutrons increase exponentially, but do not worry they join in increasing your tmp2, TTAN can be used as a moderator because it absorbs neutrons, and some matter reflects neutrons like HEAC, now you can make a real nuclear reactor!

    4 -> the penetration power of PROT and NEUT has been changed.
    5 -> Latent heat has been added, for most transitions, what about boiling water now?
    6 -> maximum temperature increased by 10 times, because of this, the colors of the HEAT screen mode was changed to logarithmic scale.

    7 -> state transition changes the pressure, and the temperature variation for gases and plasma changes the pressure.

    This is the first version of the mod, bugs can occur, I have many ideas for the next versions and I intend to continue developing.

    Fun things to do:
    Use PROP and set temp to 100000, everything will evaporate!


    Download v1.0 (only windows):


    Download v4.0:

    Thanks for Jacob1 for compiling the mod on the starcatcher server, downloads:


    Linux 32 bit:

    Linux 64 bit:




    Extract the .zip in the same folder where is the mod in which you extracted, in game press "k" to open the save. 


    Changelogs after v1.0:



    Added broken state, the key "m" toggle mode draw solids with broken state (tmp2 = 1000).
    Most solids now block the pressure, and it has resistance to pressure variation, when it exceeds that resistance it changes to the broken state, the resistance also varies with its thickness. TTAN is the one with the highest pressure resistance.

    fixed infinity salt.

    fixed grids in change resolution (current snapshot bug)(optional fullscreen with original resolution).

    Added gamma rays, has a high penetration power, heavier elements like PLUT, URAN, GOLD ... absorb more easily.

    Now the element "AMTR" undergoes annihilation when it comes in contact with matter releasing several gamma rays, the most energetic reaction being the mod.

    RWST, PLUT, URAN now is radioactive, release gamma rays.

    Now GOLD reflect neutrons.

    Added solid state for HYGN and NBLE.

    fixed many other minor bugs.



    Added ASPR, powered sprk, spark every frame. Tmp: 1 -> pscn, 2 -> inwr, 3 -> replace mod, exclusive for cray, and others like normal conductors.
    Filt has 17 more modes.
    Now NEUT slows down in the water (all states).
    Fixed black hole shadow bug.
    CONV now has a new mode, where you change the element type without affecting speed when your tmp2 equals 1.



    Stack editing:

    Now you can see, create and modify the stacks, which are a pile of particles in x, y. I named the depth as LVL, which 0 is the normal of TPT, and starts from 1, the gray color is shown when it has a particle in the previous LVL, which is enabled to create a particle, except when the LVL is 1 and 0, which you can create only if you have not.

    Here are some keys to modify the LVL:

      F6 -> decrease LVL;

      F7 -> increase LVL;

      F8 -> reset LVL to 0;


    The order of the particles is based on their ID, so I do not recommend that you exclude other ID particles that are smaller than the stack particles you are creating, as this will ruin their order.



    Added BLCK, indestructible, replaces DMND.
    DMND is now destructible, with similar properties to COAL, but with much greater resistance. It can be made with COAL or BCOL with high pressure and temperature.
    Improvements in explosives.
    Fixed COAL that does not burn, with improvements.
    Fixed the BRMT in the transition of states.
    Fixed the bug of "empty" produced by the movements of the particles in the visualization of particles stacks.
    CLNE, BCLN, PCLN, PBCN with tmp = 1, produces solids in a broken state.
    The gamma ray temperature is now shown in Kelvin.

    Fixed bug in which nuclear fission does not work right.



    This version of mod has bugfixes from the current version released and some other changes.

     - Fixed the default break where it shows "broken" for solid not breakable with tmp2 = 1000, and pressure block.
     - Changed the view of velocity mode, now we have the colors: red that is in the right direction, light blue in the left direction, green up and purple blue down, and the brightness indicates the speed.

    Download snapshot (only windows):


    Source code:


    Images of saves stamps for v2.0:



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    Attempting to run this only brings up an error saying "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." It also apparently requires a number of additional .dll files from visual studio such as vcruntime140d.dll.

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    @Michael238 (View Post)

     OK I'll fix this, I used released instead of static, I'm still new to VC ++. Now I'm compiling with static mode, wait ...

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    I love the look of this and can't wait to try it.


    I get the same errors as @Michael238 so I'll have to cry until it's compiled differently.


    EDIT: Had a play around in the fixed version, works beutifully, lovely mod!

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    Is the link broken? All I get is a page stating that the file is still being uploaded.

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    I downloaded it yesterday and it worked fine. It's defintely interesting to mess around with, particularly the radioactive elements! I haven't spent the time to make anything proper, like your example reactor, but just messing with nukes has been worthwhile :P

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    Found a small bug: very heavy elements such as MERC will displace URAN and PLUT as if they were still powders.

    Also have a suggestion: AMTR should have an extremely explosive reaction on contact with other elements, instead of its current reaction of causing a small vacuum and releasing a few photons.

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    @Michael238 (View Post)

     in the case of AMTR I'm going to add Gamma rays

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    I tried your mod and its amazing. Now its fun to make nukes and vaporize everything. Just need more elements like Lithium Deutride or at least tritium and deuterium. Your mod has potential! Keep going.