New Wall - Faraday Cage

  • Fusionftw
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    Color: rgb(110, 157, 234)

    Tooltip: Faraday Cage, In a box of this wall, portals and wifi are blocked; emp does not work on things inside.



    • It would look like the yellow condutor wall, but blue.
    • WIFI inside does not conduct to WIFI outside of the box, WIFI outside does not conduct to WIFI inside of the box.
    • Portals inside do not transfer to portals outside of the box, portals outside do not conduct to portals on the inside of the box.
    • EMP outside does not affect elements on the inside.
    • EMP inside does not affect elements on the outside.
    • Other elements like powders, liquids, gases and solids can pass through the wall.
    • It needs to be in a box to work, like gravity wall.
    • Pressure, gravity, and ambient heat can also pass through the wall.



    • Electronics that can't be tampered with
    • Saves that demonstrate a property or experiment with EMP and have electronics that must not be damaged.
    • Silly machines that use EMP for a certain section
    • EMP Displays! You would use pieces of EMP as pixels and surround them in the Faraday Cage Wall.
    • Saves that need to use more WIFI or portals.
      • Computers that use lots of WIFI
      • Memory chips that use lots of WIFI
      • Complex machines that use lots of portals
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  • TheSupaMario
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    wow! this idea seems usefull for me! it could be very helpfull if you want to show some experiment with EMP where all electronics can't be broken! vote up for your idea :)

  • Cracker1000
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    @Fusionftw (View Post)

     Sounds More like the statis wall.Try snapshots if you want to test it out.

  • Fusionftw
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    But stasis wall does not block portals, wifi, or emp. 


    Plus, stasis wall prevents particles inside it from updating.

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  • Lockheedmartin
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    This would be quite useful. Considering you could program WIFI channels to be the same inside and outside the "cage", that would open up to a whole new range of possibilities. The main problem I could see is developing the concept into code.

    While we have walls that prevent gravity and pressure interfering into certain areas, those rely on a separate field/layer for updates. It's something that needs to be discussed
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  • Fusionftw
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    A really hacky way to do it would be to put WIFI, portals and EMP on another layer.

    That might be hard to code, though.


    Possible way for EMP:

    Inside the box:

    Add a variable that governs the range of EMP (the default setting covers the whole canvas).

    EMP would then send out invisible "rays" when it is sparked, in 8 directions (north, northeast, northwest, south, southeast, southwest, east, west).

    The "rays" would pass through every element and stop when it touches a Faraday Cage Wall.

    If all 8 rays detect that wall, then EMP's range variable is changed to the distance from itself to the walls.


    Outside the box:

    This might counteract the above method; EMP would be on a separate layer.


    A faraday cage wall box would subtract its area from the EMP layer (for example, if the canvas is 100x100, and there is a box of that wall that has an area of 20, then anything inside the box that has an area of 20 is excluded from the layer by having a flag set).


    Anything with the special flag set would have to probability of being damaged by EMP set to 0.


    The flag should be called "EMPcanDestroy". This flag could be able to be changed by the PROP tool.


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