Save warning

  • Fusionftw
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    There should be a warning that pops up ingame whenever you exit a simulation that is not saved yet (exiting such as going to the save browser or using the ingame keycombo to exit).


    It would say: "Save simulation? Do you want to save this simulation before you leave? Yes (Takes to save making screen)     No (Exit).


    There could be an option in the simulation options to turn this on or off.

  • jacob1
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    This would definitely annoy me, it could be an option.

    I just wonder how it would detect if the simulation was changed. If you have one of your saves open and make a change, should it prompt you? Or does it only prompt you if you have no save open.

    It might be a better idea to save the simulation on exit, and allow you to reopen that once you restart tpt.
  • Fusionftw
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    It would only prompt you if there were any elements placed/removed/had properties changed in the simulation. It would detect if changes were made by observing the particle count. 


    Instead, it might see if there is anything on the screen (to detect walls).

  • Lockheedmartin
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    @Fusionftw (View Post)

    Which is the problem - unpaused saves, those which you simply played for a little bit, etc would always prompt. Another idea would be an autosave feature. Like in a temporary directory or something to allow recovery. 

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  • coryman
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    If you make a save, forget to save it, then open a new save, you can push ctrl+z to go back to your own. It doesn't work if you've done too much with the new save though

  • Cracker1000
    18th Nov 2018 Member 2 Permalink

    The best way to do auto-save would be to make a timed autosave system which saves save in specifoc period of time which is configurable like every 5 or 10 min and then auto open the last saved save when starting tpt.

  • asdasd1
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    that dint happen to me

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    @asdasd1 (View Post)

    He was suggesting that there should be a warning before leaving TPT, if you read it entirely that is. You would also know the warning was about saving before leaving. Sorry for the necro.


  • Pipick
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    Annoying option.