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    I'm aiming to release on this Saturday (01.09.2018) around 12:00 EST. Finishing the privacy policy and a simple account settings panel. I'll make a detailed post/edit to this thread to give an overview of the features and whatnot.

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     Alright, have a good Labor day weekend.

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    Just wanted to apologize on the delays for the release. I'm hoping to release sometime next weekend where I can keep an eye on things immediately after release, should something go wrong with the site (or sould certain people break it).

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    I'm going to release the site right now. I've had a pretty awful week and I'd rather get this out of the way, whether there are bugs or not. Perhaps this should help move development along the way. Also, I happened to have left the registration open for the past few weeks without realizing.


    Here's a list of things that work right now:


    • Newsfeed
    • Registration and Verification of TPT Accounts
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe
    • Replies
    • Liking
    • Single-post Viewing
    • Searching for Registered and Verified TPT Accounts
    • Reporting Posts
    • Logout/Login (obviously)


    Here's what doesn't work or hasn't been implemented for release:


    • Privacy Controls
    • Account Deletion
    • Password Recovery and Changing
    • Liking Replies
    • Avatars


    Please keep those in mind before registering. I just haven't added those features due to the rough few weeks. I'd rather get this released now before I never do. If you find an issue with the site, please report said issue here or through a message. Also, should you register, I think many of us would enjoy knowing who has registered and making posts.


    You may register at


    Verification is really simple: once you've filled out the necessary registration information, you will be asked to comment on a specific save with the associated account. That comment has to only contain the unique code given to you by the verification page. Then once you've commented, the page will request you click a button for the system to find that comment and verify the account.


    As for what the site does, I've built a social media platform for posting of short text updates and post your saves to the "Newsfeed" system for your subscribers. This allows them to see and keep tabs on your work. My intent is to make The Powder Toy's community more interactive through this platform. Once you have registered and verified, you may login and click on the "Newsfeed" option in the navbar up top. Eventually, I plan on moving this to the main page for ease of access, once logged in.

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     Links don't seem to work, is that in development?

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     Liking your own posts shouldn't be a option, I tested to see if you can like your own posts and you can. If this is against the rules, I am sorry if I broke that rule was just testing to see if you can.

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    I kept liking your own posts as an option because it's possible on many other social media platforms. Please keep in mind I'm planning on adding the ability to see who liked the posts. So pretty much should you like your own posts, it's not against the rules and maybe it'll look noobish in the future :P

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     I was just testing the website out if I could find any errors/bugs. In the future it would be nice if you can unlike, most social media offer it. Examples: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ etc. I'll let you know in the future if I find anything abnormal in the future! If that's fine? 

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    so the login is not case-sensitive on tpt api just like official tpt website.

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