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    Shutting down the social media aspect of the project on 16/09/2019. If you want to archive or back-up any of your posts, you may do so before the shutdown date. Afterwards, all content will be erased from the database for security reasons

    I've built a social media platform for posting of short text updates and post your saves to the "Newsfeed" system for your subscribers. This allows them to see and keep tabs on your work. My intent is to make The Powder Toy's community more interactive through this platform. Once you have registered and verified, you may login and click on the "Newsfeed" option in the navbar up top. Eventually, I plan on moving this to the main page for ease of access, once logged in.

    Verification is really simple: once you've filled out the necessary registration information, you will be asked to comment on a specific save with the associated account. That comment has to only contain the unique code given to you by the verification page. Then once you've commented, the page will request you click a button for the system to find that comment and verify the account.


    Here are some screenshots of the project (Not Recent):





    Currently functioning features:

    • Posting saves/trends
    • Replies
    • Liking posts
    • Reporting posts
    • Linking to a single post
    • Profile timelines
    • Subscribing to a user to follow their timeline
    • Searching for users
    • Avatars via Gravatar system
    • Password changing via settings
    • Sorting by trending, global
    • Replying to replies
    • Liking replies

    What is not functioning, but planned for the future:


    • Privacy settings
      • Blocking
      • Private feeds
      • Deleting posts

    • Biography basics (geography, birthday, descriptions)
    • Reseting password via reverification
    • Visible list of who liked posts
    • Reporting replies
    • Notifications

      • More than likely 'liking' and 'subscribing' notifications will be the first type to work
      • Notification settings

    • Trending tags

      • Hashtags to be added

    • Fancy groups system replacement

    The project is under heavy development. Please note that and the fact I'm not a CS major. So this project doesn't really have any huge benefits to my resume or academic career. There are no ads or revenue stream, which means I'm working on this project on whatever free time is available. It's solely a personal project. Therefor be patient on features being developed, likely over two week increments.

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     So does this mean after released I'll have to remake my account? Back to it's glory days I hope. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. The site looks better than I remember in 2013 or so, do you plan on adding a forum? 

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     You will only need to 'verify' your account/username. It's a quick and simple process that takes less than 30 seconds. We don't even collect emails during registration!


    No, I do not plan on adding forums since there's already a forums system here.

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    And what exactly is the purpose of

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     Let's just say it was a very popular website from 2012 (I believe) to 2015. That users could interact with other users, plus there was stock exchange where users could buy shares of a element. I believe I put two shares into virus, that's it.

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    aaand 500 error lol

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     that's because it's not released yet, lol

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    @NUCLEAR_FOX (View Post) is mainly focused on giving features that aren't offered on the main site. This time around, that remains to be the focus, but the site is oriented as a social media platform for The Powder Toy. I plan on adding more things (live chat, profiles, and possibly TPTMP support of sorts).

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     Nice sounds better than the original version! Which was taken down because you where extremely busy, or something like that. I might not of used the website much in it's first years. But I was upset when I couldn't find it. So subscribing to users they will become friend and you accept? Plus a private profile wouldn't be bad only your subscribers can see what you post and your biography.