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    What error do you get?

    Try logging out then back in.
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    Maybe it's chat system error/bug, i'd recommended logging off, and then back in your account.

    It's helps a lot, but very rare random bugs can occur.

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    I'm fine now, Jacob and Pangea, the latter having been crucified by the pinky of the former due to his bl-word save.

    "Once, Pangea made a save, declaring the fortune to be the bl-word. When Braden was looking for that funny fortune generator, he stumbled upon that save. Knowing the bl-word is the Russian wh-word, he reported it. A while later, in Pangea's sleep, a figure appeared in his dream. "I am Jacob", he said with an iron voice. "I have found your obscene save. You have violated Quarta Regula!" He raised his pinky finger slowly, and quickly pointed it at Pangea. Before fading, he uttered, "Next time, do not make obscene saves; that is what Quarta Regula states." Pangea, however, did not seem to care. He made the same save, proclaiming it to be swear free. Braden reported it. In the next dream, Jacob said, "You did that again... if you shall be banned before you wake..." History repeated itself once more, and in that dream, Jacob did the same gesture, but in reverse. As he retracted his pinky, Pangea's sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and mind faded, only leaving his stubborn lack of regret for making the save; however, even that faded too. He had been banned."
    That's how I wrote the parable of Pangea And Braden. The moral is not to make obscene saves. Quarta Regula is the rule that bans obscene saves. I am a custodian of the moral purity it enforces, and will report anything that taints it.

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     excuse me what