Colour Codes!

  • Tasha04
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    Have you ever wanted to know the EXACT colour for a element in tpt, well you have come to the right place! Just ask me what elements colour you want and i will get to soon as possible with the exact colour codes, heres one of my saves for example: 2235648

  • coryman
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    Question: did you use the middle click to sample the colour, or a console command?
    If you just middle click (or alt+click) on an element while in deco mode, it gives you the RGB value, which you can then turn to hexadecimal for use in the console if needed

  • Mrprocom
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    Sorry for the disappointment, but I made a full list of all elements and their hex colours :)
    Also includes a bunch of properties and sort options (click the table headers).

    Edit: And yeah, it's much better to explain how to sample colours (as @coryman did) than have people ask you for element colours every time they want to know one.
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  • Tasha04
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     oh, i never knew, thats very helpful tho