TPT Win64 build (91.5)

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    Maybe you should install Linux. That will continue supporting 32 bit for a long time, and is free. It's probably also faster than windows xp (Linux is good at handling terrible 10 year old CPUs)

    If I decide to drop 32 bit support, I'd still keep the 32 bit Linux version
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  • Moonkey
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    So, what's the word on 64bit? On the RatBOT save, I'm reporting 45~fps on the official build (around 30-40 in Jacob1's mod build), 50-55fps on the Snapshot build, and 60-64fps on the SSE2 64bit build. It's a rather impressive increase, especially considering I've only been using the mod build for so long :P


    Edit: Of note, I'm also using large screen mode. Disabling large screen nets even more frames. i7-720qm 1.6ghz (Certainly not the best processor around)

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     Some people can't afford an upgrade to 64 bit computers, dont be rude.

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    Can someone compile a 64 Bit version of 92.1?

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     sure when I wake up in maybe 8-ish hours.. Unless someone else does it before then. 

    Nvm just seen that you posted it two days ago. 

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  • Alexwall
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    What'd you use to compile it? I am currently trying to figure out what I need to download and install to do it. Starting with mingw-w64 but it seems to be missing mingw-get

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     Me? If so I didn't realise he still wanted me to compile it.. Sorry! I use visual studio to compile it, the code produced is of a higher quality as far as I know. I used to use gcc/g++ but I never bothered with 64 bit, so I can't help you there.


    Sorry! I thought you didn't need me to compile it anymore, its the middle of the night right now, but when I get up I'll do it for you. Promise! 

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    i dont think TPT need 64 bit

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     not 14, lets make it 5-6 years. Before that, most people still had 32.

    But yeah, for at least 5 years now, 64 bit has been the standard. Heck, I dont think there is 32 bit win 10.