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  • neved1
    14th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    Typing "!set type emp -" immediately crashed the game.

  • Ben_Ger
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Well, a bit of an effect like in TTAN could work. As in make the cells blocked.

  • optimus2006
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    Deleted this one, I was being foolish and didnt read the main post./\

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  • eriks
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    hello,i have one problem.I am newbie,and i don't know how to exit beta-version of the game!Please,ask me,or help.

  • jacob1
    16th Feb 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    @eriks (View Post)
    Click the "X" in the corner of the window as always? I don't see why you're having problems.

    You can also press 'q' or esc. This would be the only options if you use fullscreen.
  • eriks
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    @jacob1 Thank you wery much!

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  • jacob1
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    I made a list of all the bugs people have reported:

    Mouse location does not match cursor location in game
        reported by: cell-core
        Notes: Cannot reproduce. I have seen this bug in the past when first porting tpt to sdl2, it tended to happen with resizable window. Restarting the game would always fix it.

    Game uses OS cursor instead of SDL cursor
        reported by: Daedar
        Notes: Not really a bug. I can see why it would be annoying if the OS cursor is larger in fullscreen but it's not something I'm going to fix. SDL1.2 forced it's own cursor, SDL2 doesn't force one but lets you create your own (I'm not doing this at the moment because it's extra work)

    Game flagged by antivirus
        reported by: vvv331, david234
        Notes: says it is safe, I don't have an antivirus so can't really check myself. It might be an issue with whatever antivirus they are using, but I don't know which one it is. TPT gets false positives all the time.

    TPTMP errors with "Attempted to call field 'set_shortcuts' (a nil value)"
        reported by: nukers473
        Notes: Update tptmp to fix this. This Lua function was removed in 94.0 because it's entirely unnecessary

    Brush doesn't resize when scrolling
        reported by: janek123
        Notes: Can't reproduce

    Can't place elements
        reported by: eriks
        Notes: Can't reproduce, need more information about what happened.

    Support for non US keyboard layouts broken
        reported by: TheLegolas, Rortenda
        Notes: Can't reproduce. Except in tptmp, it is a known issue there. If the bug report only refers to it being broken on tptmp, that will be fixed during the next tptmp update.

    Enabling fullscreen while "Change resolution" is selected freezes the computer
        reported by: Rortenda
        Notes: Can't seem to reproduce this. I also have two monitors so it's probably not that.

    "!set type emp -" crashes the game
        reported by: neved1
        Notes: Confirmed, I will fix this before the official release.

    A lot of bugs I can't reproduce, so if you're experiencing any of these bugs that I say I'm not fixing, I just need more information.
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  • AlwaysPress7
    17th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    This is more of a question, but when I was testing the linear sensor, I used the debug hud and noticed it had a TMP2 value. If TMP sets the scan distance, what does TMP2 do?

  • jacob1
    17th Feb 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    Copy paste from the code:

    // ctype is used to store the target element, if any. (NONE is treated as a wildcard)
    // life is used for the amount of pixels to skip before starting the scan. Starts just in front of the LDTC if 0.
    // tmp is the number of particles that will be scanned before scanning stops. Unbounded if 0.
    // tmp2 is used for settings (binary flags). The flags are as follows:
    // 0x01: Inverts the CTYPE filter so that the element in ctype is the only thing that doesn't trigger LDTC, instead of the opposite.
    // 0x02: Ignore energy particles
    // 0x04: Ignore FILT (do not use color copying mode)
    // 0x08: Keep searching even after finding a particle

    Also, since I'm unable to update the first post any more, I made a new thread. Here is the new one:
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