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  • TheLegolas
    12th Feb 2019 Member 1 Permalink

    my keyboard is not working normally. z and y are switched, and i'm not able to make "/,&,%,etc." ingame. 
    PS: I'm using a QWERTZ-keyboard, German keyboard layout

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  • jacob2
    12th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink
    @TheLegolas (View Post)
    Just for clarification, does this affect all keyboard shortcuts and textboxes? Or only Lua scripts.

    I'll test that later.
  • nukers473
    12th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    What eriks is trying to say (I think) is that they're not able to place certain elements.

  • Rortenda
    12th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    Yeah, besides the above mentioned keyboard issues (that's only LUA scripts tho, so probably not an issue with tpt itself), selecting "Change resolution" and going fullscreen freezes the comp. That might be because I have two screens, not sure..


    (Running win10 x64)

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  • bartox1
    12th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 (View Post)



    Platform: Windows 7

    Version 91.4


    Some stamps aren't loading propely. In stamps menu most of my stamps are showing "Error loading save".

  • jacob2
    12th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink
    @bartox1 (View Post)
    Your tpt is really old, please update it. Have you ever used tptmp before? In older versions of tpt, it left behind a lot of invalid stamps. "Error loading save" messages are probably harmless and you can delete those stamps. It would only be a problem if you actually thought some stamps you remember stamping are missing.

    @Rortenda (View Post)
    Good to hear. I redid how Lua scripts are expecting to handle keyboard input. No scripts use the new method yet. They are all using the compatibility layer. I expect that once scripts update, they won't have issues with the keyboard or other layouts.

    I also have two monitors but did not notice problems, strange.
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  • GunnerLoki
    13th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    hi im the guy you un published my save im sorry for copying 404s save pls add nuclear and thermal nuclear warheads for them bomb makers. bonus add rocket fuel aka add a gas,solid and liquid partical that makes lots of pressure and fire to blast out a rocket at high speeds.

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    @GunnerLoki (View Post)

     This isn't a suggestion thread and moving solids is impossible.

  • Ben_Ger
    13th Feb 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    Well, not sure if its intentionaly, but the state of wind/pressure does not get conserved in a stasis wall.
    Could be intentional.

  • jacob1
    14th Feb 2019 Developer 0 Permalink
    @Ben_Ger (View Post)
    Yeah, basically intentional. The purpose of stasis wall is to block particle update functions. It has no effect on air. I don't know how it would react anyway, if it "froze" pressure that would cause huge pressure buildups to appear for no reason. It could also just block pressure, but that doesn't make sense either.
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