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    What? This game is C++

    Edit: apparently someone beat me to it by 1 second ...
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     Yes it is too big for my use


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     Ok I will try that, thanks for the suggestion.

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     Using stacking the wall can probably be shrunk to 2px large

  • Noyau4
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    when 93.4 will be here ?

  • jacob1
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    I don't have a date right now because i'm not actively developing at the moment. Maybe November? It all depends on when I continue working again.
  • flameaway
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    This is a very good game. This list shifts around a bit due to current enthusiam.


    1) Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

    2) Powder Toy

    3) Dwar Fortress

    4) Minecraft


    It is interesting, the different ways you can approach playing PT.  I like to come at the game as if it's a universe of it's own, and then use experimentation and analysis to figure out what can be done.  So, I'm not in it to create a lifelike reactor, but to think as if I were a scientist in PT and create from the set of rules that exist in game.


    This game really scratches the itch to be a DaVinci or Newton, without having to worry about setting your house on fire while making rocket candy with your son... not that I did... quite.




    Nicely done.

  • FunGun
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    You should add texture compression or control over the number of particle effect so potato-computer users can play with more fluidity


    (Oh! Also we would love more cursor shapes like triangle or hexagon(sounds dumb...)!)

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     Triangle already exists, but more shapes should be implemented. I always wanted star, octogon, pentagon and, diamond. I don't see them getting added anytime soon. 

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  • LBPHacker
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    You realise you can create your own brushes, right?

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