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  • Sandwichlizard
    11th Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    how about adding a "back to forum" button at the bottom of each thread page.  so you can go back without scrolling to the top?  maybe?  huh huh?  You know you want to.  :)

  • jacob1
    15th Aug 2016 Developer 0 Permalink
    @Sandwichlizard (View Post)
    Don't you just hit the back arrow?

    Maybe we could add back to top and back to forum buttons ...
  • Sandwichlizard
    15th Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    It would be good because if your 5 pages into a thread, back just goes back one page.



  • Mrprocom
    23rd Aug 2016 Moderator 0 Permalink
    When making or editing a post, if you add < (less than sign) at the end of a line that is followed by a line break, it will reveal/disable the line break.
    As you can see in that gif, the less than sign reveal line breaks except for the last less than sign, I'm guessing it's because the last less than sign isn't followed by a line break.
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  • jacob2
    23rd Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink
    @Mrprocom (View Post)
    Oh, so that is what causes it. I get it sometimes and it is annoying.
  • Alexwall
    25th Aug 2016 Member 0 Permalink


    >Allow Russian hackers to steal login information


     says the russian

  • Mrprocom
    6th Sep 2016 Moderator 0 Permalink
    Discovered a problem with text overflow while browsing through my old posts:
  • wolfy1339
    8th Sep 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    @Mrprocom (View Post)

     You can fix it by applying word-wrap: break-word; on .description

  • io
    17th Apr 2017 Member 0 Permalink


    The Login rate limiter counts sucessful logins as failed.

    How to reproduce: POST to /Login.json with the correct data many times, until things fail.


    Seccondary report that has no real impact but its nice to say: most sorting makes a "General Server Error" when -1 is the number


  • jacob1
    22nd May 2018 Developer 1 Permalink
    The server has been migrated to a new server and some software updates completed. In addition, the changes I made at least a year ago to the website are now live:

    Update 5 (2018-05-20)
    Fix textboxes on register page - username / email boxes should turn red when invalid / taken
    Remove adblock message on https pages
    Removed posts no longer show username or avatars
    Fix pagination in /User/Saves.html not keeping sort
    Still show registration date for banned users
    No more &PageNum=0 on links
    Block access to profiles by ID
    Show whether a save is published or not (currently only does if you are the owner)
    Properly fix XSS exploits
    Better handling of < & > in thread related stuff

    The server has a new IP, for now a temporary proxy is in place for people who don't have the updated DNS yet (like me ...). If your DNS hasn't updated yet, you won't be able to vote. You might get a message about that when voting, just ignore it.

    Also, I now have the ability to do some basic website changes, so feel free to suggest more changes :)