TPT Snapshots / Betas

  • Jey731
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    @jacob1 can you make it so that sing does not break it

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  • Pexy
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    @jacob1 For some reason it seems like tpt cant save? When I try save it creates a blank file, not .cps, and if I manually through file explorer make it .cps then overwrite it, it will save the file. I can show proof if needed. Renaming also doesnt work and I have to do it manually through file explorer. Please look into this as its making it really difficult to make saves. edit: Also creating stamps still works.

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  • Crafting64
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    I just wanted to say that yes, the beta is really cool, but is there a reason why it just keeps deleting itself? because whenever i extract the file... it just dissapears and i don't know why.