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    Hard to give an exact date. It is me holding it up due to being busy ... need to figure out how to release snapshots and betas with the new github build system. Also the Android port needs to be updated.
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    when i type meson build-debug
    it says this
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    Upgrade your meson. Yours is 0.49, while our config requires at least 0.51 or so (I'm not sure). Maybe I should add version checks. Never mind, it's pointless.
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    when i open the stamps menu the game crashes



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    Snapshot 207:
    This one took a while. I'm sorry for the huge delay in getting this out. The snapshot server is back and running now, so check back for future updates.
    Upgrade build process to use Meson instead of Scons
    Replace build server with Github actions builds. All builds from now on will be built on Github, instead of on Starcatcher
    Addition of Windows 64 bit builds
    Fix PIPE / PPIP breaking on rotation
    Add Hangul main block and supported compat jamos to the font
    Fix vertical alignment of text in signs (all signs now render text one character lower, this is to be consistent with the rest of the UI and make room for unicode characters)
    Fix crash when giving incorrect arguments to some Lua interface API components
    Fix infinite spark loops in photoelectric effect
    Make molten ROCK produce vertical clusters of GOLD
    Fix QRTZ/GLAS/TUNG breaking on load (again), for cases when pressure is negative
    Add shortcut to start menu when installing (ctrl+i)
    Ignore key events when Windows key is pressed (may prevent unwanted key presses in some Linux WMs)
    Don't draw intro text when HUD is disabled
    Add ren.showBrush Lua api to hide the brush
    Fix icons in Windows Explorer on .cps and .stm files (requires reinstall)
    Add composition support (for users using international keyboards)
    Add Lua functions to interact with composition: interface.grabTextInput, interface.dropTextInput, interface.textInputRect. Also, new "textediting" event.

    We'd love feedback on this new snapshot. It's been a while since the last one. The snapshots are now built on Github now, and using a different build process (meson instead of scons). This could cause unintended effects (such as crashes on exit, which was just fixed), so I would be interested in knowing how it works for everyone.
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     When I try to open the latest snapshot it just says "This application quit unexpectedly".

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    What OS are you on? (Windows, Linux, Mac?). We tested it on all platforms and haven't seen that so far.
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