TPT Snapshots / Betas

  • moonheart08
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    SLCN has the following reactions:

    • LAVA(SLCN) + OXYG + (TEMP < 7719.45) -> LAVA( molten SAND / CLST / STNE)
    • LAVA(SLCN) + OXYG + (TEMP >= 7719.45) -> LAVA(SAND / PQRT / STNE)
  • IlikeUssr
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    thx really xd

    edit: should i change my tpt into this idk?

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  • N2H4
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    Wait, shouldn't OXYG fusion now form SLCN instead of BRMT? Silicon is the real-world product of fusing oxygen.

  • IlikeUssr
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    now we can make silicon valley

  • Mockingbird
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    Will Mercury ever almagamate with gold?

  • IlikeUssr
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    @jacob1 will there be official release for snapshot, like in minecraft where snapshots are for one update in one time. 

  • jacob1
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    @IlikeUssr (View Post)
    The snapshot has been officially released?

    There will eventually be a full release, but for now it is a snapshot.
  • IlikeUssr
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    Someone can make like list of ptnm reactions (i only know hygn + oxyg = dstw, heat, sprk) 

  • Lord_Bowserinator
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    Instant reactions on contact:

    Shield instantly grows (even without SPRK)




    HYGN + OXYG -> DSTW + SPRK + Heat

    Cold fusion: 2 hydrogen > 500 C has a chance to fuse



    Temperature dependent reactions (chance grows quadratically from 0 to 100% from 0 C to 1500 C)

    GAS + > 2 pressure + >= 200 C -> INSL

    BREL + > 1000 C + > 50 pressure -> EXOT


    SMKE -> CO2

  • LBPHacker
    11th Oct 2020 Developer 0 Permalink
    A bunch more PRs have been merged, adding two new elements, applying various interface improvements, and implementing custom GOL types. Unfortunately, this snapshot currently shows a message concerning an "invalid snapshot ID" at startup. This message comes from the snapshot server, and I believe it's because nobody expected there to be a snapshot 201, ever. I can now release snapshots too, but I don't have sufficient levels of access to the server to fix this, so it's going to stay active for now.

    Snapshot 201:
    Fix a bug which caused a line of particles to sometimes be drawn between the cursor and the top left corner at startup
    Stasis walls now keep dying GOL cells in stasis
    Prioritise favourited elements in element search
    New element: VSNS (velocity sensor). Similar to LSNS.
    LSNS ant HSWC can now interact with energy particles
    New element: ROCK (rock, a solid). Melts into a lot of different materials at higher pressures, CNCT can stack on top of it, and is eroded by WATR.
    Add an option to make scrollable UI elements more touchpad-friendly.
    Add CUST (in the life menu), a custom game of life tool. Custom types can now be created with any rulestring and colours. See built-in types for example rulestrings, e.g. B36/S23 for HLIF.
    These custom types save with the rest of the simulation perfectly, except their names, which only exist locally.
    Add option to skip drawing frames for faster simulation. If enabled, only as many frames are drawn by default as your display can handle. The limit can be queried or set with tpt.setdrawcap.