TPT Snapshots / Betas

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    is there any reported-user changelog from snapshot TPT? should i add it?

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    I can't run it 'cause windows 10 wont let me since its says its untrusted.

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    @AngryBlock101 (View Post)
    If you click "More Info", a "Run Anyway" button will appear
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    Snapshots have now resumed. Sorry for not creating any since 95.0, but TPT development hasn't stopped (just slowed down). Today LBPHacker merged in a bunch of waiting PRs. I finally released the next snapshot. This contains the stuff in those PRs (including two new elements!), also the rest of the changes since 95.0 which includes in-game support for latin-1 and Cyrillic characters.

    Here is the changelog (in commit order, not relevance order):

    Snapshot 199:
    Add Latin-1 and Cyrillic characters to the font
    Add ability to type and copy/paste non-ascii characters in textboxes
    Non-ascii characters will still be deleted by the website inside comments, save titles, and signs; and replaced with question marks in save descriptions. We will work to fix this in the website later.
    Fix typo in "change resolution" option description
    SPRK / METL no longer deleted when inside detector wall
    Solid elements can no longer be drawn on detector wall
    Extra sanity check in create_part, to prevent obscure crashes
    Ctrl+u shortcut to reset ambient heat
    Fix extra break; in LSNS, making it unable to deserialize in all directions at once
    Fix off-by-one bounds check in !set
    Fix floating point issue in FRAY
    Add bounds check to tpt.brushx and tpt.brushy (fixes crash when setting to negative values)
    Add bounds check to sim.floodParts and sim.partKill (fixes crash in sim.floodParts)
    Fix obscure crash when crafting a special COAL/BCOL on fire
    When launching the game without a powder.pref, data is now stored in an OS-specific user data directory
    This is "%APPDATA%/The Powder Toy" on Windows and usually "~/.local/share/The Powder Toy" on Linux
    If you already have data locally, it will continue using that and not migrate to the shared directory
    Fix bug with line tool while WIND is selected (id:2554353)
    Fix glitch in console when putting multiple spaces in a row
    Remove gaps between lines of selected text
    New element: SLCN (silicon). Sparkles, conducts electricity like GOLD, and has many reactions while in molten form
    Add reaction to produce BCOL: WOOD at high temperature and low pressure
    New element: PTNM (platinum). A catalyst in many reactions.
    BRAY .life can be customized when firing from ARAY by setting ARAY's .life
    Remove .life delay feature of ARAY/DRAY as this was historically not possible to use
    ctrl+a to select all saves in save browser
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    Ooh, new elements. Is there an ETA for official release?

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    No. There are still things to be done before a new release. Such as a new build system, and fixing bugs like unicode support for the website, a migration system for the data directory, and maybe even more new elements :P.
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    @N2H4 (View Post)

    Btw if you have installed visual studio and know how to build TPT, you can try new elements, just build TPT and test

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    Or ... since this is the thread about snapshots, you just download TPT from

    No need to compile yourself.
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    No, I was just asking because I'm on mobile and I don't think that can access snapshots.

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    @jacob1 what are reactions for slcn/ptnm?