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    Follow these instructions to make it work on Mac:


    Right click on the app icon> Show package contents> Contents folder

    Rename the exec file "MacOS" to "powder-x" (it will ask for your computer password)

    Create a new folder in the same place as the exec file, name it "MacOS" (it may ask for password again)

    Move the powder-x file to the MacOS folder (it will ask you to authenticate)

    Go back and right click on the app icon> Open (hit ok to open)

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    I opened a GitHub issue to remind me to fix it. Thanks for the solution. It makes it pretty obvious to me what the problem is, really minor mistake in the build process.
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    Also on an unrelated note,

    Is the change for the shape of the circle brush expected to be permanent? I think the smooth shape has some major flaws because it looks less like a circle than it did before. Without the 4 points, the sides of the "circle" are too flat, especially for circles with diameter <13px. This essentially makes it a square with rounded off corners. Using shift to make an oval exaggerates this issue. Large circles do look better with the sides smoothed off, but at least for sizes <13, I would strongly prefer the vanilla brush shape. At 3px, its the same as a square so it is even more redundant.

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    I do agree. When it was first changed, I said I liked the original better, and the new one is ugly. But the old brush was also wrong, some some users complained about that way too.
    Here is the save that led to this change:

    And here is the actual pull request:

    Perhaps there could be an option. Someone also suggested multiple brushes, but I don't want two circle brushes in the tab list, with just a 4 pixel difference on them. An option is also a little weird because again, it's a 4 pixel difference.
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    Snapshot 197 is released now. This contains changes made after the 95.0 beta.

    Fix crash when removing a tag fails
    Add "perfect circle brush" option, turning this off will give you the old circle brush back
    Fix replace mode not resetting element properties back to default
    Fix fighters loaded from saves sometimes being blue
    MacOSX, Lin64, Lin32: Update some libraries (SDL 2.0.8 -> 2.0.10, curl 7.64.0 -> 7.68.0, fftw3f 3.3.3 -> 3.3.8)
    MacOSX: Fix all http requests failing with 600 error

    So the new circle brush is now an option. This should make people happy :). New brush is still the default.
    A few bugs reported since the beta were also fixed. (Not in this snapshot is another fix I made today for a bug that was breaking the set wifi v2 script)

    Most importantly, I did fix the mac version. Last thing I need to do now is the Android version. Unfortunately, it's giving me just as much trouble to get working as the mac version. It compiles, and I have it on my phone, but all http requests fail with a 601 error. I'll investigate more this week, and hopefully have something working by next weekend for a final 95.0 release.
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    Maybe I can write a Lua script to do that, but I do like the new behavior better.
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    Is there a version of beta for tablets or more specifically SM-T113? Or did i just miss something 

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    There is no beta of the Android port. I typically don't do this because the Android version isn't in the typical build process, and updates are handled through the play store and not this website nor

    Well technically I have an .apk on my website, but it's totally and completely broken so you wouldn't want to use it. The bugs with the Android version are the only reason 95.0 hasn't been officially released yet.