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    That has since been reverted.

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    Shoo. At least I've contributed something of value.
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    This post is hidden because the user is banned
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    Localization is a long-term plan and will probably not happen anytime soon. For a start we're hoping to support Unicode input and possibly Unicode in comments/signs/descriptions/etc (probably not tags though).
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    Hey would you look into the favorites pages count problem i mentioned earlier? Its kinda annoying.

  • mniip
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    This is a completely server-related issue, so it's up to Simon to fix it. IIRC it's because page counts are cached and updated in a manner that doesn't match the actual element count.
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    jesus why isn't @mniip marked as a dev
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    Oh, yeah I forgot to respond to that. It happens when a save in your favorites list is deleted, the number of saves count isn't updated. There's a lot of issues like that on the site that I'd love to fix if I had site access :P

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    He should be, but I'd have to ask @Simon
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    Why cant we add a 'binary' tag? It isnt a bad word or something. It gives error.


    And the error window description is a strange symbol with a ? inside it. I suppose its an error.





    Also why does selecting another element take you away from Find display (F)? If its a bug you can fix it.

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    Thanks for the bug reports, I just fixed both of those in a new snapshots (both related to unicode support)

    Also I unblocked the tag "binary". Sometimes tags get blocked for no apparent reason, and are only unblocked when someone points it out.
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    Shouldn't you change the snapshot thread with new one??This is also getting old and long.Just a suggestion.