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    My friend and I developed MIDI mod bout 1 year ago, but now it's abandoned. Playing is good, but generator not works correctly any time.


    I give sources to you, use it as you wish. There are saves which displaying how it works.




    MIDI - Midi block.

    MCPT - to set/change tempo or instrument.

    MSET - to set MIDI and MCPT properties.

    MGEN - Generate tpt structure from midi file





    PS: More FPS - More accurate duration counting.


    Forgot to write. To start playing - SPRK on WWLD.

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     I will download it and try it out

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    This is epic. The Xfiles thing is amazing lol.


    I made a video of it in action:

    QXIpi5-abEo#t=19Watch video on youtube
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    >: this looks really awesome but I can't make it work. I guess I need to use windows ...
    Running it in wine doesn't seem to work for some unknown reason, and when I compiled my own it didn't make any sound.

    I did notice an issue when trying to compile it myself though. You have some duplicate MIDI files in src/simulation and src/gui/game (I think). You probably didn't add these to visual studio so it doesn't try to compile them, but for me it was and it was erroring.
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     Maybe you should try VirtualBox (or something like this) with windows?

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    Can you add google drive link please? .ru sites are blocked in Ukraine lol

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    Links don't seem to work anyway
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     That mean MIDI mod is lost? I live in Ukraine , in UA russian sites are blocked in "terrorism level is higher because of russians" reason

  • jacob1
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    I happen to have a backup of this mod downloaded. I also have the demo saves that came with it originally.

    I remember having a lot of trouble making it work. I can't guarantee it will function at all, or sound good.
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    Thanks Jacob1 :)