Android TPT port

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    That is literally what the Android port is ... if you connected a mouse and keyboard, it would have full keyboard shorcuts / features of the PC version.

    The main thing is we need special-made touchscreen interfaces for some of the more complex PC features. I can't just add a button for "line tool", because it needs a way to precisely and perfectly use the line tool.

    Over the weekend, I did code a interface for enabling line tool, but until I make the touchscreen way to control it my interface so far does nothing.
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    Oops, sorry. Thanks for removing the apk download.

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    Please add the line tool and more

    brush sizes

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    Can you make a ios version?

  • jacob1
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    Unfortunately no, I don't have the tools necessary to create an iOS version. It would also have to cost money to appear on the store, and I don't want to charge money for a game that's free on other platforms.
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    Regarding the lack of 'Line Tool' & 'Box Tool' functionality for the android TPT port. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned earlier... Up until the most recent update android version update you were able to use 'Shift' & 'Ctrl' modifiers on a BT keyboard for those tools. This new release seems to disable the use of shift/ctrl key modifiers when pressing them individually.





    You still can still utilize the Line Tool by pressing 'Shift' then 'Ctrl' then dragging the line. Conversely

     you can still utilize the 'Box Tool' by pressing 'Ctrl' then 'Shift' then dragging the box. Just some food for thought. 

  • jacob1
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    @CBodenMain (View Post)
    That's strange. I wonder if updating the SDL port broke something (SDL handles the keyboard input for us). It's supposed to have the exact same controls as the official version, if you plug in a keyboard.
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    I thought so too but just assumed it was intentional and that you had some reason for doing so but after scouring the patch notes (multiple times) and not seeing anything about it I figured I'd let you know just in case...

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    Hey Jacob1 make the powder toy on iOS free