Android TPT port

  • jenn4
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    Samsung Galaxy SII Plus (GT-I9510P)
    Empty screen: 30fps
    Light simulation: ~15fps
    Heavy simulation: 2fps

    Not working:
    - Changing display mode crashes the game.
    - The password input is not a password input: password is visible while typing.
    - Can't change the clock into something sensible (read: 24 hour clock).

    - Everything else.
  • Cracker1000
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    Why pscn is not activating anything eg hswc, switch etc and saves are not working properly on android version I hope you will soon fix them. Please make buttons more bigger.
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  • randalserrano
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

    Empty screen: 60fps

    Light simulation: 40fps

    Heavy simulation: 15-20fps


    It crashed on me once when I tried looking at the front page. Other than that, it works perfectly. I am amazed that it actually got done and works almost better than my 5 year old computer. Just goes to show you that mobile devices have come a long way

  • Cracker1000
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    How can we download latest version? Please update the links.
  • NukeCrasher53
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    Jacob1, please update the APK. Also i reposted this on old unofficial TPT port thread on 4pda:

    "Remove tiny 16x16 buttons on the bottom row and replace with wider ones"
    I think i can help you by redrawing the icons.


    All we need now is an ios version and a touchscreen mode for computer.

     For Windows 8 tablets.

    Also Galaxy S3 results
    Empty: 60 fps
    Drawing some DUST: 30-40 fps
    Explosions and heavy simulation: 5-15 fps

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  • johnpears
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    @jacob1 (View Post)


    Do you think it will be on the Play Store, eventually?




    Is it only for androd for now(is it on Iphone)?

  • Mrprocom
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    @johnpears (View Post)
    He is planning on putting it on the play store.
    He is also planning on making a cydia version of the game (for iOS devices like iPhones) which is a dumb alternative imo, but hey, it's better than nothing.

    Hopefully he will figure everything out.
  • jacob1
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    I've updated the link in the first post to version 0.2

    Fix bug where touchscreen coordinates were sometimes incorrect
    Disable newtonian gravity entirely (settings toggle button now toggles decoration)
    Remove double size / fullscreen options in settings, because they crash
    Fix intro text spelling + add missing thing about the console button
    Fix FIGH creation bug / crash
    Fix HSWC / PUMP / some others not activating
    Fix PROP menu coming up when selecting GUN or absorb wall

    Due to the newtonian gravity thing this update may or may not be better, but the reason I did this is because that was probably the cause of the crash when opening saves (saves with it disabled). Turning off newtonian gravity was causing issues due to not using fftw3f. Newtonian gravity was horrendously slow before anyway, even in saves that used it they probably weren't working very well. I'll try to get that library working as soon as possible.

    I'm also aware of another bug that is easy to prevent. When bringing up a textbox, never use "back" to exit out of it, it will for some reason keep sending ESC key events and send you back to the main screen, sometimes bringing up the "are you sure you want to quit" dialog. Just hit "next" or whatever ok button you get when the keyboard comes up. I'm unsure why this happens but I think it is an SDL bug.

    @jamesb6626 (View Post)
    Can you explain the console bug? it works fine for me.

    Also you can bring up a keyboard by holding the open console button (second one from the top). No need to use other apps to bring it up :P.

    @ChargedCreeper (View Post)
    I don't know? I didn't specifically do anything to support it.

    @cracker1000 (View Post)

    @johnpears (View Post)
    I plan to put it on the play store eventually. Also iphone version may come later, but for now I want to get the android version and interface working well enough. also a major problem with IOS is that it doesn't have a back button, I would have to make sure every interface is exitable.

    @jenn4 (View Post)
    Since it is my mod there is technically a way to change that setting. I just disabled the FAV menu which is where you would normally go to set it. Maybe you could tpt.active_menu(16) to find the setting except that crashes the game for me for some reason ... i'll have to investigate.
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  • mecha-man
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    A list of bugs/disrepencies/suggestions:

    Changing the menu with tpt.active_menu doesn't scroll the bar with the element menus.

    While the render options is pressed, the old quickoptions buttons are visible.

    Can't seem to be able to select pre-existing signs sometimes.

    Screenshots don't work (at least I don't know where they went).

    Some of the UI things at the bottom (reload save, vote buttons, tags, render options) and the hud are drawn after lua scripts are run. Tested with tpt.register_step(function()gfx.fillRect(0,0,gfx.WIDTH,gfx.HEIGHT)end)

    Where do we put lua sripts that we want it to run?

    Is it possible to add the script manager and tptmulti?

  • jacob1
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    @mecha-man (View Post)
    Screenshots probably work, but also they save to a .ppm file which is pretty useless. Maybe i'll add png support to my mod (this port) sometime.
    Probably all of the UI at the button is drawn after lua scripts. It's just that most of it is white, and you drew a white background. I half rewrote main(), once I finish that the order should end up all correct, maybe i'll see if I can do something now.
    Lua scripts go in wherever the folder it uses is. I don't know where, I think somewhere on the sd card but i'm unable to access mine.
    Neither the script manager nor TPTMP work properly on this. TPTMP would just have a ton of syncing issues, and the script manager isn't drawn in the right spot, doesn't support touchscreen scrolling, and many scripts inside it won't work either and will need to be disabled for the port.