TPT Minecraft Server

  • jacob1
    5th Oct 2023 Developer 0 Permalink
    The server is upgraded to 1.20.2 now, so you'll need to upgrade your client to join. This isn't a major upgrade, the most notable changes are the nerf to zombie villager trading and some hitbox changes.
  • Maart1781
    26th Nov 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    Looks good, I'll join tomorrow.

  • Tymbark_
    1st January Member 0 Permalink

    do any one plays

  • That1LoserGuy
    7th January Member 0 Permalink

    my in-game name is JawlessFungus41

  • SamDwich
    25th February Member 0 Permalink

    yea so uh

    why am i like this


    since tpt doesnt let me doublepost despite the two posts being entirely different:


    also whats up with the dark oak trees on the server


    i planted one, walked to my house for like 10 seconds, and when i came back there was an entire tree just there

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  • The_AIexGuy
    28th February Banned 0 Permalink
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  • No_sid
    30th April Member 0 Permalink

    this is kinda dead now. I wish more people would play it.

  • jacob1
    6th May Developer 0 Permalink
    The server is upgraded to 1.20.6 now. You'll need a 1.20.6 client to join (or the obsoleted 1.20.5, I suppose).

    The most notable changes in this update are armadillos, new wolf types, and wolf armor. You can use a brush on armadillos to get armadillo scutes, to craft armor. Just be warned it takes a crazy amount of durability to the brush for each use (I wasn't prepared for that ...)