TPT Minecraft Server

  • Urist
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    Does the server still have a whitelist? If it does my username is SavageCabage797

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    Nope, this server has never had a whitelist, outside of for a (very) short time during new server setup / resets.

    You can freely join the server whenever.
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    Thanks! Will play tonight!

  • jacob1
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    The server has been upgraded to 1.19.4 now.

    Additionally, I've opened up a discord server. Here is the link to the discord:
    Or, you can find the discord by typing /discord in-game.

    I'll still post updates on this thread, but they will go onto the Discord first. The discord is part of a 3-way chat relay between Discord, Survival/Creative, and IRC.
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    About that griefing thing i got banned but why i dint even do it because the claim system dosent let me you see


    if some one /trust you or /containertrust you you cannot blow it up even if explosions are eneabled even outside the claim only if you never got container trust or trust then you can blow up and around 4-7pm where it happend i was still trusted but it was proppaly between 5-6pm where it happend i was online and the only one online but also had trust around 6-7pm was 1701_ but also he without permission stole my costum spawn eggs what i dont like but still


    and then the massage better said reason is "banned by an oparator" and the reason is for me invalid and i can report the person that banned me btw the grief happend at 01.06.2023 start of pride month and at 02.06.2023

    i wanned to start fixing and then i got banned anparrandly


    please un ban


    btw im EnderCatoO

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     If i remember properly, Jacob1 can see when players were at what location at what time. not getting into this any more than that

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    From what I could tell, claim explosions were left enabled at the time of the griefing. Of course, they had to be, otherwise the massive explosion damage wouldn't be there. The lack of protections doesn't excuse you from setting off numerous bombs, neither does /trust access. Griefing isn't allowed in any circumstance.

    The server isn't a testing ground for your NBT-edited bombs. There's a rule against items like this, because they constantly get abused for destruction and lag.

    You were the only one online at the time that it happened. The logs also have two different types of proof that you were the one responsible.

    Anyway regarding the ban reason, I didn't put one in there because I had to ban you from IRC. Usually I'd login to the server to do it but I was late and about to run out the door, so I remotely ran the ban command once I got enough evidence from the logs. The ban won't be removed.
  • LogikMacherDE
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    Bruh NBT edit mobs not allowed i know but almost 50% of the plays break that rule and i dont care unless its like

    freaking 50MT bombs and im not 8 anymore so i dont use bombs often and why sould i it is grief protected and i even sayd to bailey_bug to turn it off but he never did and that then happends


    also i can ok i cant i was the only one before that and it wasent there ok to be honset (sorry for bad grammar)

    i even flew slowly arround it did look sus dint it and either it wasent there or my dumb pc dint render it agian but i can say it lagged ngl like i lagged hard that time 1-2 fps normal was 23-50 fps there so not sure what exactly it was but thats the only real proof i have and if still dont belive me f you im out of the server forever cause im sick of the s like no joke not my first time


    and agian sorry if i dint spell stuff correct i suck at english and my 1iq brain messes up a ton


    ngl lie i dont understand 100% the last text


    and it does prefend grief /trust but but but it depends on UPS updates per seconds or TPS tickes per second

    and ummm and it was also 7years yes 7 years ago  i lasted griefed and that was on 2b2t because revange but not importand anymore and im tierd need sleep sorry


    yeah the corner of the claim even tho im still banned looks more exploded now and if you think still i was it think agian im still banned so i could not have done that

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  • jacob1
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    The survival and creative servers have both been updated to 1.20, and the survival server is reset.

    Spawn is on an island, there is some mountainous mainland nearby. There are many biomes on the edges of the ocean to boat to and explore. I have admin claimed the entire island but given public trust to most of it. This is to prevent a bunch of random tiny settlements from appearing. There is a bridge to the mainland, if you want private claims you can build them there.

    You can see a bit of the progress here.
    Me and Pilihp64 settled far north on a cliff face. IEATDIRT52 and Bowserinator took the mushroom island by spawn. Kitebeans is settling on the other mushroom island. catsoften, DopleTople, 1nspidius, and Bailey_Bug have also joined recently today.

    Also, I uploaded the final backup of the old world, you can get that here:
    It's very large .. you will definitely be rate limited by Mega if you try to download it all at once. Apparently they have some desktop app that will help downloading it faster.
    I also have plenty of monthly backups from the previous two servers if anyone is curious about a mid-way state and not the final state.