TPT Minecraft Server

  • Azazuel
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    it seems odd that the Powder Toy client links to this thread, as if a post from 2015 would really be news to anybody in 2021...

  • rookienumbers
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     "version 1.17.11"

    me: has version 1,17.11

    this stupid thing: nope u aint joining

  • jacob1
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    @Azazuel (View Post)
    This thread has been active from 2015 to the present day. It's still just as relevant as it was back then, since the server is still up and running, and in active use.

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    Version 1.17.11 doesn't exist, you need 1.7.1 java edition (the latest version)
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  • DeuteriumOxide
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    Hey, I just wanted to ask if I can use it on the new 1.18 snapshot

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    why is the worldborder only 12000 blocks out?

  • Topaz787
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    Is the server cracked (meaning accounts such as tlauncher can join?)

  • jacob1
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    You need to ask for special permission to join like that, see the first post.
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    @DeuteriumOxide (View Post)

     the server (as far as i know) is only available in Minecraft Java version 1.17.1