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Here are some interesting facts :D

1. Rats and horses cannot throw up.

2. Our noses and ears never stop growing.

3. 620 million years ago an earth day was only 21.9 hours long, and every year it gets a little longer.

4. Vampires should actually burn at night because the moon reflects the sun.

5. The movie Titanic was better received in America than the ship.

6. Starfish can crawl, eat, and reproduce, but they have neither a brain nor a heart.

7. When you speak, you spray about 2.5 microscopic drops of spit with every word.

8. Sharks pee through their skin.

9. You can pay a fine of 120 euros if you don't flush the toilet after yourself in Singapore.

10. In the 17th century a cow was accused of sorcery and sentenced (hanging) in France.

11. There are more planes underwater than submarines in the air.

12. Japan has kept a train line running so that only one little girl can go to school and the train only comes twice a day, when the little girl goes to school and when she comes back from school.

13. If you stretch your arms out sideways and measure from fingertip to fingertip, it will be exactly your height.

14. Space is only an hour's drive away if you were to drive straight up.

15. The goal of golf is to play as little golf as possible.

16. At any point in time, around 0.7% of the world's population is drunk.

17. If there was a tunnel from one side of the earth to the other, it would take 42 minutes to fall through.

18. One million seconds is 11 days, but a billion seconds is 31 years.

19. The parking attendant Roy Sullivan was struck 7 times by lightning and survived.

20. If you have a garage in Germany, it is connected to every other garage in Germany by roads.

21. It takes the average person about 7 minutes to fall asleep.

22. On the anniversary of its landing, the little Mars rover sings "Happy Birth" to itself, all alone and millions of kilometers away.

23. When cows eat too many carrots, their milk turns pink.

24. There are more English speakers in China than in the US.

25. It takes a sloth 2 weeks to digest its food.

26. The word gymnasium comes from the Greek gymnzesthai which means "doing physical exercises with a naked body".

27. In Leadwood, Missouri, USA, pilots are prohibited from eating watermelon while flying.

28."Where are you?" was never asked in sign language.

29. Japan's McDonalds once had a limited promotion where the fries were covered with chocolate.

30. Bulgarians nod their heads when they say "no" and shake it when they want to say "yes".

31. To motivate the Leo children, the Leo parents pretend that they are really hurt.

32. When you drink alcohol you poison yourself. Slowing down (speaking slowly, moving slowly) after drinking something, vomiting, falling asleep are all measures the body takes to cope with the poisoning.

33. In a year, more people are injured at vending machines than by shark attacks.

34. The human heart can spray blood 30 feet.

35. The Soviet tenor Victor Ivanovich
Nikitin had such a captivating voice that during WWII the German troops stopped shooting to listen to his singing.

36. Every year more people die from champagne corks than from poisonous spiders.

37. Orange juice tastes bad after brushing your teeth because the toothpaste blocks the sweet receptors on the tongue.

38. It takes 42 facial muscles to look angry and only 17 to smile.

39. An apple in the morning will keep you more alert than a cup of coffee.

40. The US military buys large quantities of a spray called "Liquid Ass", a terribly smelly fart spray to simulate the smell of the battlefield.

41. Every year hundreds of thousands of dogs leave thousands of pounds of poop on the streets of Paris, and in the city, over 350 people end up in hospital every year because they slipped on it.

42. What you smell are tiny parts of the thing itself. If you smell a roast chicken, you have tiny parts of the roast chicken in your nose. So if you go to the toilet and smell the poop of the previous guest ... (self-explanatory, right?)

43. In Argentina, a farmer planted a forest in the shape of a guitar as a tribute to his deceased wife. But he has never seen the 7000 trees from the air because he is afraid of flying.

44. When you eat, you only move your lower jaw.

45. Bruce Lee was so fast you had to slow the movie down so you could see his kicks.

46. In France, it is illegal for supermarkets to throw away groceries. Shops need to donate edible food, compost it, or process it for pet food.

47. The heraldic animal of Scotland is a unicorn.

48. The Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch bought 400,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest to preserve it and he paid $14 million.

49. The Russians celebrated the end of World War II so fiercely that they ran out of vodka.

50. In 1994, someone wearing a Grim Reaper costume was arrested for standing in front of a window in an old people's home and staring at people.

51. In Switzerland it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 p.m. if you live in an apartment.

52. When you drive drunk in Italy, the police not only take away your driver's license, but also your vehicle.

53. In Mexico, prison break is not punishable.

54. Camels can get angry for a very long time and wait for a suitable opportunity to take revenge.

55. Dogs, and monkeys, are the only animals that seek eye contact with humans.

56. Whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on whether you have just filled or emptied the glass.

57. We use more salt to clear the streets of ice (8%) than we eat (6%).

58. If you do not get up in a cinema in Thailand when the national anthem is played, it is a criminal offense.

59. Americans produce 1/5 of the world's garbage every year.

60. Neil Harbisson is a cyborg artist. He has an antenna implanted in his head to hear colors because he was born color-blind.

61. A 10 second kiss on the mouth exchanges 80 million bacteria.

62. If you stretched out all of your body's DNA, it could reach Saturn from here (about 1 billion kilometers), or 1500 times from the earth to the moon and back, or 4 times to the sun and back.

63. Poppy seed rolls and poppy seed cakes can lead to a positive result in a drug test because of the morphine and codeine contained in the poppy seeds.

64. There are approximately 100,000 hairs on a human head.

65. A cockroach can live on for 9 days without a head.

66. A praying mantis has to bite off its head before it can initiate mating with the male part.

67. The flea can jump 350 times as far as it is long. That's so, so you could skip 3 planes.

68. It is forbidden to die in the English Parliament.

69. The taste perception in butterflies lies in the feet.

70. Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.

71. If you hold black light on the urine of cats, it glows.

72. The ostrich has a brain that is no bigger than one of its eyes.

73. Dogs are the only animals that run to their master when they are scared. Other animals just run away.

74. Between 1974-1978 a bloody four-year conflict between two monkey clans took place in Gombe, Tanzania.
The chimpanzees had many deaths, kidnappings and other conflicts. The conflict is known as the "Gombe Chimpanzee War".

75. The average person speaks a total of 10 minutes a day.

76. Sharks don't get cancer.

77. A newborn kangaroo fits in a teaspoon. After birth, it creeps into its mother's sack on its own to grow there.

78. A normal raindrop falls to the earth at only 11 km/h, big raindrops at 20 km/h.

79. The Bible lists all kinds of pets, but not cats.

80. In France you can't call your pet "Napoleon".

81. April 11, 1954 is said to be the most boring day in history, when nothing important happened.

82. Winston Howes, a farmer from South Gloucestershire, England, planted thousands of trees for his dead wife, Janet, that reveal a heart shape from the air.

83. If you have to eat polar bears' liver, you could die due to the high vitamin A content.

84. Giraffes have the same number of teeth as humans.

85. Some lip balms contain salicylic acid, a substance that makes your lips chapped (lip skin puffs) and makes you apply more.

86. The camel protects its eyes from desert sand with 3 eyelids and the third eyelid is transparent, so the camel can still see and one even closes at the side to remove sand particles.

87. Oysters get rid of painful parasites or grains of sand by coating them with many layers of mother-of-pearl, which can then become the pearl.

88. The wood frog (or ice frog) overwinters in extremely freezing temperatures, completely frozen over, without a heartbeat or breathing. When the sun comes back, the frog will de-ice and happily hop away.

89. Leonardo Da Vinci was a vegetarian, he was known for buying caged birds only to be released.
Nor did he think it was right to keep animals in order to slaughter them. His attitude was rather strange at the time.

90. There are 44 cities in Russia where no foreigner is allowed in and these cities have a combined population of 1.5 million.

91. The human eye can perceive 10 million colors.

92. Cuba has the highest doctor/patient ratio.

93. The reason you don't like your voice on recordings is that you can hear it from the outside. Usually you can hear each other from outside and inside, and that sounds better.

94. The US military saved $ 40,000 in 1987 by removing just 1 olive on the lettuce that staff got on American Airlines flights.

95. The muscle that can develop the most strength in relation to body size is the tongue.

96. Not a single person was ever killed by a dinosaur.

97. Chess was invented in India.

98. Otto the Great (Holy Roman Emperor from 962) always swore by his beard when he wanted to say something important.

99. The earth receives 960 kg of dust from space every day.

100. In England you are forbidden to stick a postage stamp with the queen upside down.

101. All planets in the solar system fit between the moon and earth.

In Indiana, USA you have to wait 4 hours after eating garlic before you can go to the theater and pennsylvania, USA has a law that prohibits you from sleeping on your refrigerator.

103. Apple casings contain cyanide. 20 of them can kill someone.

104. There are 11% left-handers in the world.

105. If aliens living many millions of light years away were currently viewing Earth with a telescope, they would be observing dinosaurs.

106. A Ukrainian engineer, Vladimir Tatarenko, developed a passenger plane that, in an emergency, drops the passenger cabin and lets it slide to the ground with two giant parachutes.

107. In Austria, the police officer can estimate the speed limit of your car (without having measured it with a device). However, not more than 30 km/h.

108. Most orchestras today are cover bands for bands from the 18th century.

109. In Switzerland you are not allowed to hang your laundry outside to dry on Sundays.

110. If you cut a hole in a net, there will be fewer holes in the net.

111. It is illegal to step on money in Thailand because the image of the king is there.

112. If a man never shaved, his beard could be eight feet long.
113. When otters nap in the water, they hold hands to keep them from drifting away from each other.

114. Mark Spitz (Olympic swimming champion) once said to the Russian coach, just for fun, that his mustache helps him swim faster. The mustache would drain the water and make it be like a pistol bullet. The following year, every swimmer on the Russian male team wore a mustache.

115. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

116. Rick Astley was already rickrolled by someone.

117. The most liked save in TPT,"Destroyable City 5 wth Metro" has more downvotes than the most disliked save, "Pokemon starter pokemon"

118. American flags left on the moon will eventually get bleached white by the sun.

119. While they are hibernating, bears do not urinate. Their bodies convert waste into protein.

120. You got burgered. Burger someone else to get unburgered.
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