TPT Minecraft Server

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    Yeah, couple People at the time. 

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    Will survival map be restarted once again to suit new world generation?

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    No. I intend to go to whatever efforts I need to do to smoothly transition onto 1.17. The server only resets every few major versions, and so much progress was made on 1.16 I couldn't possibly delete all that effort. I don't know what that will look like though, since right now worlds can't be opened in the snapshot.

    Possibilities will be:
    1) Update server and have random walls and other issues on chunk borders
    2) Delete all inactive chunks that have never been modified, leaving only small areas with people's bases, and then have 1.17 generation outside of that
    3) generate the entire world to 25000x25000 and only have 1.17 generation only beyond those borders

    Right now we don't know how severe any generation issues will be though. The borders between chunks may be completely clean, and maybe they will auto expand chunk generation downwards.
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    I should try it when I buy MC

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    There wont be massive walls on the surface, but underground, there would be,


    the reason for this is because Mojang change the height limit from -64 to 320.

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    Yeah, and I'll have to evaluate how to handle it once I see what Mojang does.

    Some people have been pushing me to reset instead of trying to continue on. Which is sad because the current server is the most advanced server we've ever had, it would be hard to replace it all.

    I try to guarantee at least two major updates on each map. One time a single map lasted from 1.13 to 1.15. I've never reset after just a single update. But 1.16 is looking to last a very long time. I don't expect 1.17 to release until the fall (as they still haven't done mountains). That would be 1.25 years, which is a pretty short map, but maybe enough.
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    minecraft is a kids game:


    Roblox is a kids game: 


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    sorry to ask but can you make a server for cracked players