TPT Minecraft Server

  • jacob1
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    Yes. But it might be a few days later. I have to make sure the server software (spigot) and plugins all work.

    I don't expect 1.16.2 for another two weeks or so. But I guess they could surprise us with an update next week.
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    I am using a legit account, I bought the real game, made a real account, either joining as Iron_Stallion or Billy_Bob_Joe. For now i'll read up on my problem.

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     where can i apply my ban 


    (Banned for server lag and trolling(I wasnt trolling the admins were torturing me(Oh and i was banned today by you if you dont remember)))

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     There's your problem. You need to use your legit account's name. having several names like that tells me either it's not legit or you're not logging in.

  • jacob1
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    We know for a fact you brought in lots of hacked items (you literally had them on display in your claim), and also lagged the server.

    I made it clear before I left earlier today that all hacked items were bannable. I know it's "easy" to bring them in, but it's not ok. We banned two people for hacked items today.

    So the items and also your behavior around the situation means that your ban will not be removed. Also, please use the conversations feature on the website to send me a message if you have further question. I don't like discussing bans in public, it causes drama.
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    What about bedrock players, can they join using the way badboyhalo has shown; does it still work???

  • jacob1
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    No, you need the java version to join
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    Are Tlauncher and Optifine allowed?

    Nvm I see you can't use Tlauncher.

    Have a good day!

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  • Victor101
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    sounds epic but my minecraft is very laggy and nearly dead... :(