TPT Minecraft Server

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    hey, i've a question.

    i'm trying to get the 1.7 world file save to work but i dont know what files to put in which folders, i've tried doing it to the best of my ability but it crashes as soon as i try to load into the world. any help will be great

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    It shouldn't crash, that's really weird. I know some folders need to be renamed, spigot uses a slightly different folder layout to support multi-world. But even if you didn't rename it, shouldn't cause a crash. Something in the files must be causing the crash.

    Maybe I can help more later, way past 1am here now.
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    Comparing how the server and a local save I have are set up, just needs a few renames:
    put everything in world/ in its parent folder. There is no world/ folder in vanilla.
    Copy world_nether/DIM-1 into its parent folder.
    Copy world_the_end/DIM1 into its parent folder also.

    Should load fine after doing those things.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     nevermind, my 7zip wasnt extracting the folders completely, sorry.

    on another note, now that i know that it works, i put it on my server but my inv was wiped, including any storage devices in the world. i think this was because im missing the plugins; any idea what the old plugins were? sorry for the inconvienience.

    double edit! i had to launch the server as 1.8 for the items, but if you could provide plugins anyways that be nice.

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    Stuff in chests should still be there, I wonder if it had anything to do with the changes made in 1.13. They changed some world format stuff.

    The plugin list is in the first post. Are you hosting a bukkit / spigot server? If so, should be easy to find any required downloads. None of the plugins change anything about the world format, none are required to play the map.
    If you're not using a server, the plugins would be useless, you couldn't load them locally.
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    Does it work for Minecraft pocket edition

  • Lockheedmartin
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    Minecraft Pocket Edition servers are hosted in a different and separate method. This server is for Java edition.
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    is the server still running?

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    Edit: My bad, the mod above me already answered.

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