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    Edit-jacob1: I don't need a link to the site, i'm only starting a minecraft server not a roblox one
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    mniip could be a god on there with his lua wizzardy

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    capitalist pig
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    If you don't have a paid account you won't be able to join ):

    Other people can post their account names here or PM me with the name. I'll whitelist you when it comes up. cracker64 set up some anti-grief plugin now but I haven't seen what it does.
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    My Minecraft name is ChargedCreeper

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    Update: We are now using this protection mod:

    I disabled most of the fancy but restrictive (non-vanilla) things like preventing creeper holes, disabling fire, etc. It will definitely be very useful in claiming your own land though.
    Short usage tutorial:
      Right click with stick to check if an area is claimed
      When you place your first chest it will claim that area automatically
      For more claims, right click with a golden shovel and select both corners
      Right click a corner with a golden shovel to expand the area. You then right click again to select the new corner
      You only have a certain number of claim blocks, which grows over time.
      Claims sizes are two dimensinoal. They go up to the max height but only down 5 blocks from where you used the shovel. Dig down to make the claim move down.
    I'll update this later as people get confused, there are nice tutorial videos you can watch though.

    Also, the IRC link works. I'll probably open up the server really soon now that the main plugins I wanted are all set up. I still need to do a little more work, also I need more usernames to whitelist :P.
    Edit: should I even have a whitelist though? I could possibly disable it.
    Edit2: updated the first post, check back there for updates
    Edit3: backup plugin works (probably)
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    What do you mean vanilla 1.8.4 client to join? Would not any Minecraft client implementing the 1.8 protocol work (i.e. 1.8, 1.8.1, etc)? I usually use 1.8.1 Optifine and an HD res pack. 

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    I guess I haven't been following minecraft development too closely, I know that 1.7 had some changes where you had to update. 1.8.4 was just a security update too. But anyway, if the protocol is the same then i'm sure any 1.8 client will work.
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