The Powder Toy - More Resolution MOD.

  • Shotta
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    Hello. Two years ago, I've been asking about more resolution in Powder Toy. I didn't find so much, until the great Jacob said me there's more versions (but outdated now, they are from 2012).


    So, for the people who is searching more resolution, I will work with the new updates and give more resolution constantly with that mod. I know in so many computers this will be laggy. Personally I tested on mine and I get from 60 fps in a 1600x900px (with simple simulations) to 10-15 fps (so much explosions, particles, etc). Just, if you want more resolution to some of your works, try it. People who doesn't need, but want to give some ideas or anything, you're welcome!


    Take me to the downloads

    All the versions (for Windows)


    Compiled versions with:

    - 1600x900px

    - 1280x720px

    - 800x600px

    - 600x480px


    At the moment, only support Windows, but I will work for Linux too, and hope OS X too soon.

    I will add support for saved games in that resolutions too, if you want to share something of your work to other users, but I'm working on the system...


    Source code

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  • 2015
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    thats it, I am download it :)

  • zBuilder
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    Avast! says it's infrected with "DRep"-anyone have a VT sheet for these?

  • jacob1
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    I ran the largest one through virus total and it said it was fine, also it ran fine.

    And cool website :), are you planning on making a save server for that or what?
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    (After reading the comments I plan on not downloading!My bad I thought, jacob1 was being sarcastic.

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  • Shotta
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Hey, thanks for your reply Jacob! ^^ I'm planning to do some 'portal' where people can share his saved simulations for this versions, because the problem of working with more resolution and the things that say all people who search this are two:

    - Less FPS ( people who download more resolution assume that the PC can handle the simulation that he will do in that resolution )

    - Share your simulations ( that's the problem that I can resolve, doing a simple portal with search system )


    And that's why I did the webpage, so I can support that problem for the people. Will be not a huge server or kind of that because the users who wants more resolution are not so much I think, so with a simple search system in the index of the web will work nice.



    About the virus, I personally use Avast and didn't had any warning. The source code is on github and you can check it. As the web says, it's only a MOD-ification from the original powder toy that just changes the resolution, and personally I will be working with all the future updates of powder toy. It just changes the resolution of powder toy, doesn't has any different code.

    When I went to check it with VirusTotal it says that was analysed (This URL was last analysed by VirusTotal on 2014-12-19 01:21:40 UTC, it was first analysed by VirusTotal on 2014-12-19 01:21:40 UTC.)

    Btw if you want to check it:


    That's for 900 version. The other version links are just below.



    Thank you all.

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  • zBuilder
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    I know I can see the source- I just don't get why I would get a warning from the pre-compiled one. 

  • cctvdude99
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    Great! I've been waiting for someone to do this since I think it was Candunc's mod that ran in 800x600.
    As reference, I usually get about 420 FPS on a blank screen (obviously only if I up the FPS cap).

    On the 1600x900 one I got 82 FPS max, on blank screen. This is on a laptop with an i7-2760QM, set to ultra performance (basically 'screw power saving' mode). As a test, ROHANman's Isla Tera ran at ~ 25 FPS.

    720x480 is very playable, and I actually think it should be made the default resolution for TPT at some point in the near future (especially if someone can multithreading working - although I know this is unlikely). On a blank screen, 270 FPS. Again, testing with ROHANman's Isla Tera, I got ~ 55 FPS.
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  • CeeJayBee
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    Mother of god this is brilliant. But yeah, the FPS stuff is quite painful. I presume that's the reason it wasn't added to official.
  • KB
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    This is awesome! Imagine the possibilities for computers!