2011-02-02 17:16:49
UK, Europe, Eurasian Plate, Earth, Sol, Orion Spur, Milky Way, Multiverse AQ(Alpha Q)
o hi der (Leader of Brotherhood of Saves)

Generally build on TPT: Engines

Fun Fact: shroom207's IP traces to Texas.
His reply, from his profile, "Also on cctvdude99's profile he is talking about my ip. I used a proxy to change my ip so it says im in texas.It just feels more right for me.(Plus i dont like people stalking me over the internet i usually only say where i live on a well known site i stay on. BUT NO MATTER WHAT I NEVER SAY EXACTLY WHERE I LIVE but yer lol." - legit huh?

All of the above is from before Christmas 2011. My 9 months on this game were great. Thanks guys.

- I HAVE RETURNED ~ Dec 2014 -
(you have been warned)