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  • bowserinator
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    Yeah I'm confused about this (and probably a lot of stuff, not laughing)

    1. How do you make an element go oppisite to newtanian gravity? Changing the presets such as falldown and gravity and weight and stuff doesn't work

    2. How do you get the element's own temp? Like something like self.temp or something? 

    3. How can u make an element heat up surrounding elements (easy) but cool itself down? 

    4. How do you change the version that it displays like 90.2? 

  • jacob1
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    I'm assuming you mean in c++.

    1) Setting .Gravity to a negative number should do that. ANAR also has Advection set to -.7, not sure if that is necessary but maybe. See ANAR.cpp

    2) in an update function, parts[i].temp. In a graphics function, cpart->temp

    3) to automatically cool down, this should work: parts[i].temp = parts[i].temp - 10.0f; if (parts[i].temp < 0.0f) parts[i].temp = 0.0f;

    4) data/IntroText.h
  • bowserinator
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    Yes in c++ thanks so much.

  • PikhovedV2
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    why does things like coal or nitro not need oxygen to burn?

    and why does oxygen burn without anything else?

  • Cracker1000
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    @PikhovedV2 (View Post)

     You should have started a new thread in help section..

    Anyway, it's assumed that the blank space you see in simulation is air and not vacuum, therefore, everything burns without the need of oxygen.

    Oxygen itself in game burns because it works like that from beginning and changing the behavior now will break tons of saves.



  • PikhovedV2
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    OK thanks :)

  • TuDoR2007
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     doesn't gravity affect if it falls up/down/stays still? advection is the one that messes with newt grav and air pressure

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