Script Server + Manager

  • DUC
    1st Jul 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    So TPT itself is built to recognize the filename autorun?

  • jacob1
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    Yes, TPT itself looks for a file called "autorun.lua" and runs it on startup. The script manager was created to solve the problem of wanting multiple autorun scripts. The script server was only added later.
  • Miraga
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    I Have 2 Questions How Do I Run Lua Script Without Called Autorun.lua
    2.nd Site Not Anymore Working I Mean How Do I Get Script Manager Other Ways?

  • jacob1
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    @Miraga (View Post)
    scripts besides autorun.lua can be started with the dofile command

    I put a backup of the script manager here:
    Downloading online scripts doesn't work at the moment until the script server has internet / power again. You can still use it to load local scripts though.

    Edit: The server is back online again. (unless it goes down again, which is still possible)
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     And it went down again lol. 

  • jacob1
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    @NUCLEAR_FOX (View Post)
    Hmm? Looks fine to me
  • PangeaUltima
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    I found an problem: I'm can't render online mods in LUA. Plox fix

  • blurcat
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    Autorun.lua:110: table index is nil                 The manager will not start in jacob1's mod.

  • Paulo_fofis
    21st February Member 0 Permalink

    the script manager icon on the tpt mobile sits exactly in front of the stamp icon, can I make some changes to put the script manager icon in the right place? (only if you authorize me.)

    A image of the ploblem


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  • jacob1
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    I've now cleared through the 20-script backlog of new or updated scripts. Sorry for the large delay ... it built up and I didn't have time to go through the log for various reasons.

    Thanks to @ssccsscc for putting that 1700 line interface code in its own script
    And thanks to @LBPHacker for updating all his scripts to the new event api. I still need to do that for my own scripts ...

    I do recommend that anyone with a script on the script server updates to use the new event api. The compatibility layer for tpt.register_ events will probably go away in the future. I'd just make it a download via the script manager for anyone who needs it.

    I will update the script manager to fix the icons at some point soon, they were broken by the unicode support upgrade, unicode characters are now in the "private use" range. (E000). Need to figure out how to properly let Lua access these ... Lua 5.3 adds some functions to help with unicode but our version of luajit doesn't have that.

    @Paulo_fofis (View Post)
    At the moment I don't support script manager on Android. I probably will in the future, once I redo the interface to be touch-friendly.