Modding FAQ

  • jacob1
    10th Jun 2014 Developer 5 Permalink
    Read this before posting a thread.

    Q. How do I compile?
    A. It's a bit complicated, but the wiki is very useful.

    Q. Where do I get the latest source?
    A. GitHub (

    Q. Where can I get help for developing mods?
    A. Either on IRC ( or this section.

    Q. What do I do if I get a large error?
    A. Do not post large errors on the forums or on irc, that would be spam. Post it on pastebin instead, no account needed.
    • If you are using git bash / MinGW, it might be hard to copy the error. To copy it, right click the header and select Mark, then mark a rectangle shaped selection area by dragging your cursor across the screen. Pressing enter will copy what you selected.
    • You might also be asked to post config.log, only do this if it errored when looking for libraries, and not once it got to the compiling step.

    Q. Are there any pages to give me pointers?
    A. YES! is a very useful site (thanks to boxmein)
    - Also Coding-tutorial, Variables, and Functions

    Q. How do I cross-compile?
    A. To compile for Windows on Linux, see Compiling_for_Windows_on_Linux
    A. To compile for Mac on Linux, use Compiling_for_Mac_on_Linux

    Q. How do I compile a legacy version?
    A. Legacy versions can be used on very old computers that don't support SSE. You probably don't need to compile this separately, but if someone asks for it, you can compile using --no-sse. If using visual studio, you will have to find the SSE option in project settings and turn it off.

    Q. Is that it?
    A. Nope, not at all.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help with problems in this section!
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  • Protcom
    11th Jun 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    Can we mod the game without visual stodio ? is there any other program ?

  • jacksonmj
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    @Protcom (View Post)

    There are two links for Windows in the "How do I compile?" section. Did you try clicking the one that doesn't have Visual Studio in the title?


    If you don't want to compile at all, you can only mod the game by writing a Lua script.

  • minecraft-physics
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    Just for the purposes of avoiding confusion, the "compiling for Mac OSX" steps currently do not work. I think @jacob1 has a cross-compiler, but idk what it is...
  • boxmein
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    Yay, my site is here! :D
    I just want to say that aside the usual lua-reference and the coder things I made a few other things that are currently labeled 'experimental', which you can definitely try out. is a weird "API Search" / Hoogle clone that gives you a quick lookup of what any function does. Most are undocumented, however. This is completely separate from lua-reference so you might find useful data points in lua-reference before here. unpacks save files and allows you to explore their innards. Well, except for the particle data. That's going to be in the future.

    if you see an error, message me ASAP

    edit: i'm going to make a better tptelements......soon. being a HS senior takes away most of my time
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  • Security-Drone
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    Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks For This Guide. I Will Take This And Try To Mod Tpt In The Future, Or Not.

    Depending How Tricky It Is Or How Slow This Computer Is.

    I May Require Help Every Now And Then.


    Also Here Are A Few Questions And Feel Free To Remove This Post:

    Which Would Be Better Visual Studio Or Scons?

    Are They Easiy To Use? (Then Again Blender Is Tricky Yet I Got Used To It Rather Quickly)

    Here Are The Questions. Please Could Someone Help Me Then I Could Help Develop Tpt. (Which Is Rather Unlikely To Be Honest)

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  • FeynmanLogomaker
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    Why do you capitalize every word in your sentence?

    I prefer scons for compiling, but it's really just a matter of preference.

    SCons is better if you prefer using command-line, but visual studio is better if you prefer a graphical environment (even though it's a bit harder to set up)

    They are both fairly easy to use once you get into the flow of things. look at the wiki to get more detailed info.
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  • Security-Drone
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    Okay Thanks For The Feedback I Have Had Some Basic Experiance Using Command Line So I Will Use SCons And Hopefully It Won't Eat Up My CPU Speed.

    I Don't Really Know Why I Capitalize Each Word. I Just Do It For No Particular Reason.

  • jacob1
    16th May 2015 Developer 0 Permalink
    I just added a guide on cross compiling for OS X from Linux. It's the same thing I use for my mod, just cleaned up and fixed now, with an automated script to compile the libraries statically for you.

    Also fixed a link to boxmein's website even though it might not be up much longer ...
  • drixads
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    @boxmein (View Post)

     Your site doesn't work. very disappointed =(