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  • LucasTurkey
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    How do you join a private room? 


    Too many questions. We're on page 22 now. 


    Danke. v

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  • jacob1
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    Use /join . Then have everyone else join the same room.

    Use /private to make it private. Then nobody can join unless you do /invite . If the room name is secret, there is no reason to do this and you don't need to go through the hassle of doing it.

    The person who has been in the room the longest is the "owner", and can /kick people and set the /motd
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    Someone has hacked the MotD for my server, named josh. Can anyone fix this?

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    @TheJoshGuy (View Post)
    TPTMP channels don't have proper ownership. Whoever has been in there the longest is the "owner". There is no way to fix this, you can create a new channel, or just wait for them to leave.
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    Try to sync the STKM.

    I am a c# programer and I understand you cant just do it easily due to client server issues but here are a few ideas.

    When in multiplayer mode STKM and only STKM works not STK2 when you place a STKM it will sync with the server and only you can controll it. and when someone else places down another STKM the controls will asign to them.

    I do not know how hard it is with LUA so sorry if I seem like a idiot.

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    is it possible to add the /ban and /pardon command?

    ((/ban <username> <time(days)> ) (/pardon <username>))

  • jacob1
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    Bans are managed only by admins. Average users will never have access to those commands. TPTMP has no system of identifying admins, so adding those commands would be insecure. Anyone would be able to run them. Admins (me) instead manage bans through an IRC link.

    For controlling access to your own channels, you can set it to /private then only /invite the people you want to have access. This will last until everyone parts the channel.
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  • jacob1
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    Version 1.0 is now out:
    Jacob1 finally accepted that it's ok to release TPTMP 1.0
    TPTMP logins are now authenticated - your username will be verified by the TPT server
    If an incorrect username is given, it will be automatically changed to the correct one
    If you don't have an account or are banned from TPT, you will be moved to the guest lobby
    The guest lobby is the room named 'guest'
    Guests are unable to join the authenticated lobby, but may join any other channels
    Channel name now shown in upper left
    Add /clear command to show chat history
    Add /lobby command to join lobby
    Add ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and ctrl+x support to the textbox
    Right click a line in history to copy it
    Fix error when trying to disable or replace TPTMP
    QoL updates were contributed by @Geniusz1
    Authentication updates were contributed by @LBPHacker

    LBPHacker went ahead this week and added complete and secure TPT username verification. The way it works is, upon joining, the client is instructed to comment on a special TPT save. The client then does this, and the server verifies it happened. This will finally block people from using fake usernames and doing other annoying impersonation. I may do more with this concept in the future. Now that we have verification, we could add proper channel ownership (permanent /kick access, invite lists, and more).

    In addition, we also created a separate lobby just for guests. Guests are blocked from joining the main lobby if they try, but they can join any other private channels and use the other server side commands like normal.

    In order to join tptmp, the new version is required. Please update it using the script manager. If you don't have the script manager, see the installation instructions here. Using the script manager will allow quicker joins to tptmp, as it can save a temporary authentication token, instead of reverifying you every time.

    If you are using Cracker1000's mod, you will have to wait for him to update his mod. It has TPTMP v.101 embedded. This version of TPTMP has a bug which prevents it from being replaced with v1.0 at runtime. So updating it in the script manager won't work.

    If you are using my mod, please update it to the latest version, which has TPTMP 1.0 included. You may also update it in the script manager (as my mod doesn't use the embedded version if you download it from the script manager).