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  • TheNumberCrucher
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    I'd like to see Platinum (PLTM) or Silver (SLVR) added.  PLTM is a Silver-Black colour, and melts at 1800 Degrees. SLVR will be will Be exactly the the same as GOLD (Including the sparkle effect!), except it conducts 2X slower. and what does DMG and TUGN Stand for?

  • hittox
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    DMG=Damage TUGN=Tungsten

  • AgileAsassian
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  • The-Fall
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     And you need to fall off a metaphorical cliff while regretting having ever submitted such awful element suggestions.

  • sandstorm
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    for 88.0, are any new elements being added? or is that just the jetpacks?

  • greymatter
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    In the beta, No new elements have been added, and stickemen with jetpack seem to be the only major change.
  • TheUndefinitive
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     In reality, silver is the best natural conductor. Gold is 2nd to silver in conducting properties. So if anything, silver would conduct faster than gold.

  • jacob2
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    Stop ignoring the rules of this thread and suggesting elements here, or replying to elements suggested here.

    They can be suggested in the feedback subforum.
  • Oats
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    A recent piston update broke this save:


  • jacob1
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    I don't see what's broken or how it's supposed to work, but in the next version I did fix where the FRME on the PSTN would just fall apart, and some spots on the FRME would go too far.
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