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    Another repost, giving overly detailed changelogs makes the post get to the 10000 character limit fast ... Continue discussing here just like the other three threads.

    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the feedback forum.

    jacob1's list of known bugs in tpt

    Current Release Version: 90.2

    Version 90.2 (Build 322) 2014/08/30
    • Fix DRAY's tmp mode
    • Make tpt.selectedl/r/a and tpt.brushx/y writable, add tpt.brushID
    • Fix tags button being too long
    • Command key can be used instead of control key on OS X
    • Make sure SOAP doesn't crash when using the console
    • Fix being able to !set invalid types in the console

    Beta Version 90.1 (Build 320) 2014/08/15
    • Disable non-functional fullscreen feature on OS X
    • Fix stamp browser and save render crash on Windows
    • Fix issues when clicking on link signs
    • Fix crash with RPEL
    • Fix freeze when selecting PROP tool from element search
    • Improvements to grid
    • Improvements to SPRK graphics, allow toggling of SPRK glow in render options

    Beta Version 90.0 (Build 318) 2014/08/10
    • Add support for floating points in the old console
    • Improve detection of hexadecimals in the old console
    • Fix link signs sometimes obstructing menu buttons
    • Permit PHOT decorations in older saves
    • Add "Open data folder" button in settings window
    • Fix for crashes on older versions of OS X, move save data into Application Support

    Beta Version 90.0 (Build 316) 2014/08/02
    • New element: GRVT. Energy particle which Newtonian Gravity
    • New element: DRAY. Ray type element which replicates particles in front of it
    • New wall: airblock wall
    • Changes to FILT / PHOT
    • Disable deco on PHOT
    • Fix liquids not stabilizing in radial gravity
    • Fix possible crashes with SOAP, FIGH, and TNT
    • Fix URAN not heating up under pressure at 0K
    • PROT now goes through portals
    • Less overpowered QRTZ in bunkers
    • Add velocity cap to prevent NaN pressure
    • Make the upvote button bigger
    • Lua code highlighting in the console (from mniip)
    • Fix instant open (ctrl+click saves)
    • Fix being unable to place stamps on top of link signs
    • Fix signs partially wrapping around the edge of the sim
    • New SConscript
    • New graphics api functions: getColors and getHexColor
    • Add 64bitLinux version

    Version 89.2 (Build 283) 2014/03/16
    • Ctype is displayed as a number for elements which use it as a wavelength
    • "no effect" tmp mode (tmp=6) works on CRAY
    • Add vertical flip when pasting stamps (ctrl+shift+r)
    • Tooltips on open/save simulation buttons change when ctrl is held
    • Fix crash when pasting from empty clipboard
    • Fix numpad behavior
    • Fix sim.deleteStamp and sim.loadStamp
    • Fix error logging in lua key events
    • Fix sim.neighbors and sim.partNeighbors not working correctly in most cases
    • Fix crash in sim.partKill, and bug sim.partID design
    • Add sim.reloadSave() and tpt.selectedreplace
    • and elem.element can read "Identifier" property

    Beta Version 89.2 (Build 281) 2014/02/24
    • Better PROP tool, draws like any other tool and remembers last setting. The property selection window comes up as soon as you click it now.
    • Fix crash when flood deleting VIRS
    • Fix PHOT+HYGN reaction not taking place under some circumstances
    • Reverted WIFI to previous delay amount
    • Prevent black FILT
    • Fix possible crash when modifying LIFE with the console
    • Fix state transitions in id:1419883
    • Insulators block ambient heat
    • Improve "pretty powders", so that the deco doesn't interfere with state changes
    • Fix Gravity wall areas not recalculating when deleting them
    • Fix occasional missing pixels on the top / bottom of circle brush
    • Fix holes in wall line drawing
    • Signs can be moved onto the zoom window
    • Fix crash when viewing corrupt saves
    • Element search promotes exact matches first
    • Fix comment box resizing bugs
    • Pressing tab switches between textboxes in the deco editor
    • Fix key repeat on Linux
    • Fix lua crashes in the graphics and interface apis
    • Bluescreen on lua panics instead of crashing
    • Fixes to tpt.el.color and
    • Add tpt.screenshot support for PPM and BMP
    • Add lua functions to get / set clipboard text; Add sim.deleteStamp function

    Beta Version 89.1 (Build 278) 2013/12/08
    • Fix loading preferences, local saves, and stamps on OSX Mavericks
    • Fix install check coming up on mac
    • Implement clipboard support on macs
    • Fix sign duplication when loading saves
    • Fix excessive CPU usage in the save browser
    • Fix tag order changing when deleting tags
    • Fix bug where Ctrl+X didn't delete stacked particles
    • Fix red DEUT

    Version 89.0 (Build 275) 2013/10/30
    • Fix bug where it wouldn't tell you which way you had voted on saves

    Version 89.0 (Build 274) 2013/10/29
    • Spark signs, use {b|text} to create a sign that makes a spark when clicked
    • PROT with 0 life doesn't die
    • Make sure PROT never gets produced during fusion
    • VIRS graphics look better
    • VIRS only burns with PLSM
    • Always delay WIFI one frame before conducting
    • New key combos: f5 = reload sim, f2 = screenshot, f3 = toggle debug hud
    • Fix crash with !bubble in the console
    • Fix incorrect search page count
    • Fix crashes when loading really old saves due to invalid walls
    • Fix menus with lots of elements not showing all the elements
    • Fix crash when copying and pasting in linux
    • Fix bug where clicking on a link sign would still draw under it
    • When clicking on stacked signs, ensure the top-most is actually clicked

    Beta Version 89.0 (Build 273) 2013/09/14
    • New Element: PROT. Transfers heat to materials and removes sparks
    • New Element VIRS. Turns everything it touches into VIRS
    • New FILT modes: tmp 4 is red shift, tmp 5 is blue shift, tmp 6 is no change, tmp 7 is XOR, tmp 8 is invert, and tmp 9 mimics old QRTZ scattering
    • PHOT passing by DTEC will set all FILT colors ahead in a line to it's own color, like ARAY
    • SOAP bubbles freeze at -25C
    • Fix another PSTN extension glitch
    • Fix sparking QRTZ stopping it from growing
    • Fix SOAP crashes with SING
    • Fixed crash when flood fill deleting
    • Fix !load -1 crash
    • Semicolon shortcut key for replace mode, ctrl+; for specific delete
    • Ability to use Celcius or Farenheit in the console (add C or F after the temperature)
    • Fix stamp browser thumbnails being too large
    • Fix PROP not setting properties of particle #0
    • Fixed red / yellow nick colors mixing up
    • X11 Clipboard pull on linux
    • Removed regex dependency, fix certain signs becoming link signs when they shouldn't

    Version 88.1 (Build 272) 2013/07/27
    • Add back Replace mode and specific delete, activated by insert and delete keys
    • Stamps and local saves rendered without fire again, dramatic increases to loading times
    • Save more simulation options in powder.pref
    • Author names appear yellow on your own comments, red on save owner comments
    • Added color to the deco editor tool buttons
    • Added Black decoration preset
    • Added images to the local / server save uploads
    • 'n' toggles Newtonian Gravity
    • Allow right modifier keys to work
    • Fixed threading in save preview, shouldn't crash anymore
    • Fixed TUNG not loading in saves
    • Fix BRMT always smelting back into TUNG
    • Fix some STKM bugs
    • Fix crash with PSTN
    • WIFI channels update even when paused
    • Unhide FOG and RIME
    • HUD displays LIFE particle names correctly
    • Fix many minor simulation issues
    • Update wall descriptions
    • Walls can be flood fill deleted without the wall delete tool selected
    • Fix most flood fill issues
    • Fix issues with decoration presets
    • Make Ctrl+z snapshots more predictable
    • Fixed ban message in game
    • Fix error messages for certain actions not showing correctly
    • Tags viewable when not logged in
    • Fix some scrollbar issues
    • Update rules in game

    Beta Version 88.0 (Build 271) 2013/06/16
    • Fix large amount of lag and incorrect fps display in double screen size mode
    • SaveID Message after saving a save to the server
    • Make heating / air tools faster
    • Rocket boosters for stickmen, pass stickmen through gravity wall to activate
    • Fix stickmen air powder (from passing through fan wall)
    • Renamed TUGN to TUNG
    • BRMT from broken TUNG will smelt back into TUNG
    • Make it easier to create VIBR from molten TTAN+EXOT
    • GOLD changed photons to yellow
    • Fix CFLM making VIBR unable to explode forever
    • Fix NEUT created from DEUT explosions sometimes having the deco color of previous particles
    • Optimize GOL speed
    • A lot more Lua sim api functions (too many to list)
    • Legacy lua api commands will act as a get function instead of a set when Called with no arguments
    • Fix tooltips not fading in/out correctly sometimes
    • Fix tooltips on disabled buttons and split buttons
    • Save publishing info in the save upload ui
    • Saves are private by default
    • Fix crash when setting invalid types with PROP
    • Some build fixes
    • Fix pixely save thumbnails (to be fixed on next release)

    Previous feedback threads:
    Version 83.7 (first tpt++ release) - Version 87.2
    Version 78.1 - Version 83.0 (tpt), Version 82.0 (tpt++ beta) - Version 83.7 (tpt++ beta)
    Version 53.1 - Version 77.0 (incomplete changelogs)
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    I found a nasty loophole, yes, a REAL LOOPHOLE, it's probably my fault for triggering it (and maybe I made it by accident), but you might want to look into it just in case, it may cause a crash under certain conditions if it's really in the official source too.


    It's simply this: It is possible for an element to detect a conductor in between transistion from itself to spark (as in between frames). I know this window is like a microsecond, but it happened, and it's not good.


    Note: See my Rechargeable Battery thread for further detail 

  • jacob1
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    @cyberdragon (View Post)
    no, I promise spark can not possibly cause any crashes at all. It must just be with your code.

    Also spark is reset in a separate loop before any elements update, and there is no place in between where an element's update function is run to detect a spark about to go away (0 life). there have been minor bugs with particle order and spark detection before, but some of them were fixed and they can't make the game crash since there is nothing unsafe done with that anyway except if's and stuff.
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    NEW BUG!

    You fixed the BRMT from TUNG melting and cooling to re-form TUNG. But you introduced a new bug. Now ALL BRMT (including the BRMT that can be directly placed, and the BRMT that forms from breaking BMTL) will melt and cool back to TUNG! So now BMTL can be converted to TUNG by breaking it, then melting it and allowing it to cool. This is NOT supposed to happen!

    Please fix this!
  • Rawing
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    What happened to the "BRAY passes through PSCN-BRAY" bug I reported? I can't find it in that so-called list of known bugs...

  • jacob1
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    @Videogamer555 (View Post)
    odd ... I must have typed something wrong, perhaps an = instead of an == or something. Or maybe I just forgot the ctype == PT_TUNG check altogether. I'll fix it.

    @Rawing (View Post)
    Either I put it in the fixed list of I never put it in at all. Sometimes I fix bugs as soon as they are reported and so don't put them in the list, since the list is mostly just for myself. It is fixed in the beta though.
  • cyberdragon
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    When Molten tungsten cools it sometimes breaks. O_O

  • All4Staals
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    I'd like to see an Aerosol element. We've not had a new gas in a while so I think that could be a fun new thing to bring to the table. It would have the symbol ARSL and would be the color on TPT decoration color board 23-159-190-255. It'd be flammable like OXYG/HYGN and expansive like BOYL.

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