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  • sentinal-5
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    PLEASE PUT IT BACK!!!!! i had 12 pages of stamps, and it deleted 3 quarters of them! it is MUCH harder to use deco, fullscreen stamps don't save properly, the 'sample' tool is completely pointless because you could pick elements with middle click anyway, the comments don't change lines properly(part of them is often outside the box and therefore invisible), the whole game is less asthetically pleasing(it's ugly),...

    the list goes on.

    PLEASE fix it up a little. i know i'm ranting on, but PLEASE, fix it up or put it back.

    i know it must have been a lot of work to make tpt++, but I think it was better before. tpt++ could be a seperate game maybe?


    oh and please no-one get angry with me, i'm intitled to my opinion.


  • benthecrazy
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    Layered Photons are not displayed correctly. In former versions (including 83.0) 2 layered photons eg. a red one and a green one were displayed as a yellow photon with a yellow glow in fire display. In nothing display you either saw the red or the green photon and of course without the glow. In version 83.7 in fire display it's the same as in nothing display in version 83.0 only that you see either the red or the green photon with a yellow glow. Could you please fix this for all display modes so fire display shows a yellow photon with a yellow glow and nothing display shows a yellow photon without the glow. Example save:

  • sentinal-5
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    @cyberdragon442 (View Post)

     you where awfully quick to delete that comment...

    and also, how am i meant to go back to version8.30? and if i did, i wouldn't be able to open any saves, it'd just come up with that text box saying 'failed to open, save may be from a newer version'.

  • jacob1
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    @sentinal-5 (View Post)
    Don't worry, your stamps aren't gone, they just don't show up because of a glitch. I'm actually not completely sure about that anymore, there's a chance some pages of them might be gone (my last two pages are missing for some reason), but i'm not sure.

    I will improve the deco menu "soon"

    What's wrong with fullscreen stamps?

    the sample tool is so in case you don't want it, you can use middle click as a third drawing element. You can also set sample to right or left click.

    @benthecrazy (View Post)
    ok, i'll look into it

    @sentinal-5 (View Post)
    No, the warning won't come up, they are both version 83. You could also use my mod, then not even the update box will come up, and I will keep it compatible with tpt++ saves for a while. I've even copied some features from it (text highlighting, multiple stamp selecting, stamp saving improvements, comment scrolling)

    You are in the minority thinking that the interface is better, most people think it looks better. It does have some glitches though.
  • Videogamer555
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    Here's the repost of these bugs. I posted them earlier in another thread but the moderator said bug reports should be posted here.

    These bugs were in the last beta, but were not fixed before releasing the current "release version" (83.7) of the software:

    The paused or unpaused state is supposed to be saved with a stamp (either a ctrl+c copy, or a S stamp save). Yet in the latest beta version, and the full version that came from it, this pause state in is no longer saved, requiring you to pause it manually prior to pasting, in order to set or remove the pause state.

    After pressing S or ctrl+c, it used to be possible to change the pause state prior to making a selection. In the last beta, and the resulting current full version, this is no longer possible.

    Any WALL type objects now have significant amounts of them disappear spontaneously when rotating a stamp (ctrl+r) or flipping it (ctrl+shift+r) prior to clicking to finalize the paste. This may be the last one I listed, but it is by far the most significant, and detrimental to use of the program, as it impairs the use of a large portion of stamp functionality.

    Someone, please fix these bugs.
  • Amphealy
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    Please put back the replace tool. It's so usefull for creating circuits on INSL as well as many other things.


    Also, since new version, fusion seems to create a lot more BHOL than it did in previous version. My save titled fusion cannon would create maybe two of these annoying particles per run if any at all. Now it's around 10 particles per run and they form everytime. Bug or feature?

  • Box-Poorsoft
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  • jacob1
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    Update: new list here

    I just put together a list of bugs I know about, by looking at all the recent threads and comments, and also my bug posting save. It has really short descriptions for myself, I understand what they all mean but other people might not.

    issues moved to Github issue:

    no replace mode
    no CAPS LOCK
    deco buttons don't have color
    picking a color changes the default colors, no way to deselect them
    can't move signs into zoom window
    more than one sign appears in one place sometimes
    thumbnails still get mixed up
    fullscreen on mac - updating SDL should fix it

    still unreported issues:

    right ctrl/shift/alt doesn't work. Maybe re-enable it for now until a replacement is added?
    when clicking "login to post comment", it doesn't update the sign in button on the main page (still says "[Sign in]")
    element search doesn't include 'related' section that searches descriptions
    todo: limit to 61 fps always in interfaces?
    974917 - solid purple laser - this save shouldn't work, it doesn't in tpt, but does in tpt++
    stickmen go down a pixel after a save is loaded, this sometimes makes them get stuck?
    huge upload icon is missing (the one with the cloud)
    elements created under walls, then can cool down/heat elements before they get deleted for being under a wall
    stkm go through solid edge mode
    can't delete your own saves from fav. section.
    mass deleting saves only will actually remove the first from showing
    save browser uses 100% cpu
    plasma arc lag, EMP lag -> fix?
    can't see full save name in browser if too long, need to click it first
    fix LIGH branching when going up, fix nearest_part
    remove some rand()'s to make fusion less laggy
    local browsers don't cache thumbnails
    ambient heat not loaded / saved in saves
    SING (and DEST?) can't eat PBCN/BCLN name too long error
    1140272: you can draw stickmen (and SPWN's) on top of other elements (weird background color on load)
    right click deco presets - all selected
    alt-snap: when the angled ones go off-screen at the top or left, the line breaks and isn't straight
    stickmen lose their element when respawned, shouldn't
    tpt.el.asdf.color = fdsa doesn't change the color of the button
    setting color to 0xDEADBEEF makes pink button and blue element? KSNS
    erasing grav wall doesn't reset zones: 1223463

    missing stamps - won't go missing anymore, but still gone
    negative old console values don't work
    layered photons: 961739
    multiline textboxes- text cut off
    should reset save browser textbox size after comment send
    save description and sign text can get too long
    ctrl+v bypasses textbox length limit
    rotating walls doesn't work
    should auto select SET in deco editor when picking color - separate tools when in deco menu now
    SET should auto use CLR when erasing, ignoring right click selection - makes deco editor way easier to use
    LIGH sometimes doesn't work (when loading a save?)
    grav wall (probably all walls) rendered after particles
    you can change menusections while the mouse is held down
    server returns 'server did not return data' when trying to update on mac
    # of parts not in HUD
    stamp thumbnails take long to load
    stamp delete text is wrong
    no type checks in old console
    no console quickoption
    no "molten X" in debug mode
    no PIPE with X either
    deleting stamps doesn't remove stamps.def reference
    undo doesn't undo ambient heat
    no ctrl+shift for heating/cooling - I just set it to the shift speed, i'm used to the old way
    DTEC doesn't detect photons[]
    lolz/love don't work
    new vote bar not as good - reverted back
    !load X doesn't close the console
    when loading a local save, the name isn't set so you have to type it in again to resave it
    no sign limit when making saves, but they are deleted when saving
    ctrl+g doesn't show gravity grid
    lots of lag when deleting stamps
    INVS graphics don't work
    no !quit command
    way too many BHOL's are created in fusion, compare 731553
    993500 - swch can only be turned off by some, on by all
    VIBR isn't finished
    PPIP is destroyed by pressure
    gol descriptions are the same, my commit making them better was never merged
    pause state not saved in stamp
    crash when deleting stamps
    crash when server returns error
    clear sim resets pause to off
    box tool area not drawn right when small (1 pixel tall)
    still uses old tpt ver. 83 renderer, so long signs get cut off and walls don't show
    crash on saves with no up or down votes
    WOOD gets sharp burn line after cooling back down
    can't find some saves with id:X
    can click {c:XXXXXX|Y} signs even while under the zoom window, can't click them from inside
    PIPE->PRTO commit by jacksonmj in tpt
    hold down and type a in textbox, click somewhere else
    no 'new message' notification
    stamps/copying on 4 pixel grid, not 1
    can't save the very bottom and very right edge in stamps
    gravity wall zones don't update with Newtonian Gravity off
    can't go back up to a page when there's only not enough comments on the last page
    no conversation notifications
    vote buttons dark once voted
    clear sim doesn't reset vote buttons, still selected
    QRTZ breaks when resetting pressure (also, copy + paste EXOT in GLAS)
    warp not invisible
    = resets ambient heat too
    500131 - water eq on by default, breaks save
    TSNS issues
    stickmen don't respawn after CONV
    place stkm, undo, can't replace it
    RBDM deletes SLTW
    no cursor size when using shift-drag
    isfile/isdirectory is mixed up
    tpt.displaymode done wrong (mode 3 should be fire, not persistent)
    no "Color" Property
    graphics cache doesn't need to be completely cleared, only for one element
    I broke tpt.set_property for numbers above 255 ):
    can't type "~" in lua console
    nothing mode doesn't reset persistent view
    should make a way to go to deco editor with 'b'
    can't use line tool and remove zoom at same time
    alignment not shown in game when moving / editing signs
    minor difference in sign size
    extra space at edge of zoom window
    tpt.selected* will not update when using middle click to change selection (sampling)
    put 1 px of NEUT then one of DEUT, NEUT is drawn on top but HUD says DEUT
    no bloby walls in blob display mode
    no flood fill cursor
    smudge radius too small
    alt click deco doesn't work with 1 px brush
    CRAY INST mode ignores .tmp length check
    can't delete local saves (you can in tpt)
    PSTN/CRAY don't check walls, make a sim.obsticle function or something
    make sure FRME isn't pushed unless all frame can be
    PSTN with tmp of 1 doesn't push things
    PSTN retraction doesn't check pmap
    local save browser is case sensitive
    By date button doesn't highlight in white
    tpt.log() and print() don't do tostring() on arguments
    scroll on the comments as soon as they load, the scrollbar does not appear
    stamp thumbnail doesn't load until mouse is moved
    element descriptions fade away while mouse still over element (happens in render options too)
    spam paste stamps ('l' key), one goes in the top left corner I think fixed?
    center info text needs to use drawtext_outline
    can set invalid element numbers with PROP
    stkm can run on the bottom of the screen
    1066188: pink glitched stickman, does not have air type like it should
    GEL doesn't blur in fancy mode

    ----- end list -----

    todo: {t:15100|Official Game Feedback} {u:38642|jacob1}? {s:bombs|search for bombs} maybe others?
    todo: tooltips on deco buttons, add black preset
    todo: missing key combos: c, t, r, b, n, m; add back?
    todo: disable recording except by lua
    todo: custom view modes
    todo: copy in deco menu only copies deco
    todo: rename element files like dcel.cpp, rename PT_ things to match more
    todo: allow lowercase in elements api too, and maybe everything else.
    todo: improve flood fill with walls / edges
    todo: maybe if's for console? ex. !set type all none if life > 10
    todo: BVBR gets heavier as it absorbs more?
    todo: combine rand()'s in fusion, others; like PIPE does
    todo: fix ETRD (and maybe EMP) lag
    todo: hold 'f' for slow motion
    todo: new options menu. possible new options: turn off sparks, turn off network usage, GSPEED
    todo: reorganize source a little
    todo: lua functions to change mouse coords with zoom, do the rest of the quickoptions, debug mode, edge mode, air/grav modes, get save id, default ambient heat air temp, set selected element / brush size (not with functions?), reset temps/pressure, do sign, prop, and wind stuff, control stickmen, get sim->elementCount. Check why tools draw too lightly in tptmp (missed steps?)

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  • BuysDB
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    Bug: gravity wall is rendered in front of the scene.


  • Willski
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    rctrl, and right shift no longer modify cursor, size. and for walls, it seems to increase 1X1, 3X3, 5X5, etc. rather than 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc. (or brush, or stamp... sorry, i can't remember what you call it.) That intentional?


    (oh, and dense matter making black holes, that seems to have ruined e-holes. Hard to store something in them when almost everything in them is destroyed.)

    My apologies if I seem to be a whiney idiot.


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