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    The old thread is now too long to update anymore, so here's a new one, just in time for the official release of tpt++
    list of known bugs in tpt++

    If you have any bugs, issues, or any minor improvements to report, post them here. Do not post suggestions for new elements here, those should go in the feedback forum

    Current Release Version: 87.2

    Version 87.2 (Build 270) 5/5/13
    • New Element: GOLD, Corrosion resistant metal, superconductor
    • New Element: TUGN (Tungsten), brittle metal with a very high melting point
    • New Element: PSNS, pressure sensor
    • Window position saved on close
    • Improved readability of tooltips
    • Improved descriptions for many elements
    • Changed the menusection of some elements
    • Added the save uploading rules in game
    • Added ctrl+r shortcut to reload save
    • Fix an INST conduction bug
    • Fix a PSTN extension bug
    • Minor fixes to some brush issues and other display issues
    • Socket library for Lua API builtin
    • Redo lua event registration, no more limit of 6
    • tpt.log does tostring on all arguments
    • Implicit return in lua console, multiline code input
    • Fix graphics function crash on error
    • Fix Being able to !set type none to something in the console
    • TPT "blue screen of death" on crashes

    Version 87.1 (Build 269) 5/5/13
    • This version never happened O_o
    • Incorrect pressure sensor id

    Beta Version 87.0 (Build 267) 4/13/13
    • Allow signing out and editing profiles from the same login button
    • Click on a user's avatar to view their profile
    • Add a button to go upload avatars
    • Fix a SWCH conduction bug
    • Fix setting negative numbers in the old console
    • Fix crash when trying to viewing corrupted stamps
    • Added --nofft compiling option, for macs

    Beta Version 86.2 (Build 263) 3/26/13
    • Fix a ton and ton of memory leaks (including some very large ones)
    • A small speed improvement on almost every element (LIGH, LCRY, and SPRK very noticeable) - NOTE: This beta appears to be about 20% slower due to compiler options (?) and some elements still are faster
    • Avatars on comments and the save preview
    • Fix CRAY bug where length check may be ignored when spakred multiple times in one frame, or with INST
    • Fix CRAY going through walls, fix it firing GOL particles
    • CRAY spawns elements at it's own temp
    • CRAY(SPRK) sparked with INWR can spark things
    • Fix FRME breaking when only some of it could move
    • Fix PSTN retraction with FRME overlapping particles
    • Fix PSTN arms sometimes not appearing, and they get the deco of the pushing piston
    • ACEL and DCEL strength can be modified with life
    • NEUT can go through ICE and SNOW, and changes OIL to GAS
    • CFLM can defuse VIBR
    • Made some element search loops smaller (breaks rates of some reactions)
    • Fix crash when rapidly opening and closing save previews
    • Fix crash when hovering over invalid wall types
    • Fix crash when elements have invalid coordinates
    • Fix empty signs being created when shifting them out of bounds in stamps
    • Fix stamp thumbnails not showing until you move the mouse
    • Fix pressing esc in login prompt loging you out (edit: just realized this won't even show because of the new profile viewer ... you can't even open the login/out prompt when logged in now)
    • Fix save browser sort buttons sometimes not working when clicked too fast
    • Local save searches are case insensitive, images no longer cut off at top
    • Fix scrollbar not appearing in scrolling panels if the mouse started off inside
    • Ability to read hexadecimal constants in old console commands
    • New lua api methods: sim.partProperty, sim.partPosition, sim.partID
    • Add identifier constants based on display name to the lua api
    • Improvements to the build system, remove useless comments / fix spacing in code

    Version 86.1 (Build 262) 2/17/13
    • Fix CRAY delete mode
    • Tag version info in saves

    Version 86.0 (Build 261) 2/16/13
    • New element "CRAY": Creation ray, similar to ARAY but creates particles of its ctype
    • New element "PSTN": Piston, allows pushing/pulling of particles
    • New element "FRME": Allows piston to push multiple elements
    • Pressing 'b' opens the deco editor, or click the menu
    • Fix deco sample tool with smallest size brush
    • Make smudge radius larger
    • Fixes to many brush drawing issues
    • Copy support in linux, local copy/paste for all platforms
    • Fix crash with LIGH editing, fix SOAP ctype bug
    • Blobby walls in blob view
    • Fix sign width / height with {t} and {p}
    • Missing Lua API method "removeComponent" added
    • Fix issue with implicit type conversion with some Lua UI API methods
    • new sim functions: sim.pressure, sim.ambientHeat, sim.velocityX, sim.velocityY
    • fix tpt.set_property with integers above 255, reimplement tpt.set_shortcuts
    • fix fs.isDir and fs.isFile being reversed
    • fix "i" argument to graphics functions
    • don't start searches until it's at least 4 letters long, disallow 3 letter tags

    Version 85.0 (Build 255) 1/19/13
    • Fix rare crash when saving
    • Fix save as new name not actually loading the new save
    • Ability to rename and delete local saves (right click)
    • An option to save paused/unpaused when saving
    • Stamps save on a 1 pixel grid
    • Selecting a stamp moves it to the front of the list (unless holding ctrl)
    • Fix ctrl+x not deleting signs
    • Fix pasting multiline text into the comment box (sort of)
    • Comments are not deleted by pressing enter on a save or getting an error when posting
    • Fix comment errors not showing
    • Remove extra debug output
    • Fix '=' resetting air heat, or sometimes breaking GLAS/QRTZ
    • Make WARP invisible again
    • Fix water equalization breaking EXOT / BUBW
    • TSNS does not detect METL's temp
    • Fix STKM bugs with undo and hitting CONV
    • LIGH is stopped by BHOL, VACU, and VOID
    • Fix SLTW + Rubidium explosion
    • MERC expanding keeps decoration
    • Larger brush size max, fix circle brush resizing lag
    • Fix replace option with element functions in lua scripts
    • tpt.selectedl/r/a work again, but return an identifier string
    • Fix tpt.fillrect coordinates from tpt
    • tpt.hud, tpt.set_console, tpt.display_mode work again
    • Right click is now 4 again for mouseevent functions
    • Fix water eq always being on in old saves
    • Many build fixes, debugging crash fixes, and other background fixes

    Beta Version 85.0 (Build 254) 1/12/13
    • Same as above, this was just re-released exactly, as the release version and not a beta

    Version 84.3 (Build 253)
    • Comments scrollbar can be controlled by the mouse
    • Conversation notifications
    • Change Wireworld Wire name and description to prevent confusion with METL
    • TRON can now pass through activated SWCH
    • Smarter TRON - it will predict when it's own tail and other life decreasing particles will disappear
    • TRON NO_RANDOM flag
    • Gravity walls zone updates now display when Newtonian Gravity is disabled
    • Fix pressure glitches with CLST
    • Session expiration causes noticeable logout
    • Fix multiline text running over the textbox when there were no spaces
    • Fix installation on Windows, allows opening saves from webpages
    • Higher quality thumbnail resizing
    • Fix some SPWN placement issues
    • Fix issue when loading walls from very old saves
    • Prevent rogue formatting in signs (this includes color)
    • Fix issue causing modded energy particles to disappear
    • Fix slight particle order issue with SWCH

    Version 84.2 (Build 250)
    • Fixed crash when deleting stamps
    • Fixed crash when you get an error while saving
    • Fix lua console commands
    • Fix pause state not being saved or loaded in stamps
    • Fix pause state loading from local saves
    • Add back a README
    • Fix link signs being clicked under the zoom window, also right click them with sign tool selected will still follow it
    • Fix some minor problems with burn effects, TNT smoke, and sparking metals not heating them up under the brush
    • Add Ability to create custom brushes
    • Fix connections not being closed after using the save browser
    • Right click the reload button to go back to the save preview

    Version 84.2 Beta (Build 249)
    • Fixed crash when displaying saves with no up and down votes
    • Fixed rectangle brush rendering
    • Element palette for automatic element ID/mod mapping (no idea how this works, but it's saved in saves)

    Version 84.1 (Build 247)
    • Many VIBR changes:
      • Molten TTAN + EXOT = Molten VIBR
      • VIBR + ANAR = BVBR
      • All absorbed heat/particles/pressure are stored in one property, tmp
      • Graphical improvements
      • fix random elements being produced bug
      • Fix BVBR being buggy and exploding on it's own and not transferring energy
      • explosion changes and other minor improvements and fixes
    • Change EXOT and PPIP properties to match tpt
    • Add SC_SENSOR to the lua API
    • Really fix INVS graphics
    • Fix minor typos in the render options interface's descriptions
    • Fix minor red BRAY bug, not being able to turn off SWCH correctly

    Version 84.0 (Build 246)
    • New Element: DMG, Damage, generates a powerful force of pressure on contact with other elements
    • New Element: TSNS, Temperature sensor, creates a spark when a nearby material has a greater temperature
    • New Element: VIBR, solid material that stores massive amount of energy before going critical
    • Rescan button to bring back deleted stamps
    • Fix being able to set elements to invalid types by typing an unrecognized element name
    • load stamp thumbnails faster
    • Signs can link to forum threads. Use {t:id|sign text}, where id is the thread id
    • Add a fast quit option
    • Fix ambient heat not being undone in snapshots
    • Infotip displayed when toggling deco, ambient heat, Newtonian gravity, or gravity grid
    • Add back Console show quickoption
    • Show # of parts, and molten/pipe info in HUD
    • Fix LOLZ and LOVE
    • Improve the Game Of Life menu descriptions
    • Fix hydrogen not burning completely, allow it to burn even at fusion temps
    • Fix INVS graphics
    • Change the vote bars back to the old ones
    • Fix lag when deleting stamps
    • Ability to reload and resave local saves
    • Add save as current name option for local saves
    • Add !quit command, !load will automatically close the console
    • Gravity grid toggle with Ctrl+g
    • Fix too many BHOL being produced during fusion
    • Fix walls and longer signs not showing in save thumbnails

    Version 83.9 (Build 232)
    • Fix rotating stamps deleting some walls
    • Allow (un)pausing when pasting stamps
    • Fix setting values to negative numbers in the old console
    • Fix being able to paste things into textboxes that were too long to fit
    • Fix LIGH not working after loading a save
    • Fix stamps not loading past page 3
    • Fix layered photons not blending their colors together
    • Limit save description length to what server limits it too
    • Reset comment box size after sending a comment
    • Don't highlight menusections when the mouse is held down

    Version 83.8 (Build 231)
    • Fix crash when pasting and there's nothing to paste, after loading a stamp
    • Move PPIP to powered menu
    • Lock icon on unpublished saves
    • Remove 'Z' quickoption (I will try to add back the console one sometime)
    • Fix crash when pasting on Linux
    • Fix some crash and save corruption bugs when compiling with visual studio
    • Walls drawn behind particles
    • Deco tools automatically selected when using the deco menu
    • Fix word wrapping (comments were being cut off)
    • Fix thumbnails getting mixed up

    Version 83.7 (Build 224)
    • Prevents some freezes when browsing saves with a slow internet connection
    • Much faster gravity simulation
    • Moves to a C++ codebase
    • Ability to ignore update notifications
    • Multiple save selection for mass deletion and favoriting
    • Right click menu for in save browser (Open, View History + more)
    • Console remembers previous commands, event after closing
    • New menu for decoration tools
    • New decoration blending tools
    • Video recording (Press R) uses PPM as an output format
    • PNG format for screenshots (Press P to capture)
    • New middle click tool (defaults to Sample tool)
    • New Lua API
    • Scrollable comments in save preview
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    PPM format? i've never heard of it...and how do you turn it into a video?

  • ristovski
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    Sometimes, the menu items stay highlighted (gray-ish) when you move through the element menu (electronics, walls, gases...etc) fast.

  • Simon
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    @EqualsThree (View Post)
    PPM is just a simple format, we use it for video because it's very fast for writing (very little overhead when encoding). You can use a tool like ffmpeg to stitch a sequence of PPM files into a video
    ffmpeg -r 48 -b:v 1800 -i "frame_%06d.ppm" "film.mp4"
    Where 48 is the final framerate and 1800 is the bitrate, the higher this is, the better the quality.
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    Why is powered pipe in the solids menu?

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    Wow, You guys are doing a really great job with tpt!


    @--Justin-Gnail-- (View Post)

    This is why:

  • m_shinoda
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    -text highlighting

    -right-click option

    -decoration menu

    -scrollable comments



    -the new hud doesn't display gravity, parts, pressure etc.

    -very laggy UI

    -the console sends back data that most users can understand

    -some stamps are elongated

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    Cyberdragon, you do not know how long I have waited for the C++ Update. Leave now before I lose my patience with you, Before we all lose our patience with you, obstinate Ungrateful person. Ty' Du'rak.

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