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  • Oats
    14th Jan 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    @CobaltYash (View Post)

     Nothing, it will just get removed like a lot of things. My "Dragon Club" once made to fp once, then it got removed strait away no harm done. 

  • Arien742474247
    19th Jan 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    do my things get removed for haveing links to extremely similar saves? i'd hate for them to be removed (but everyone hates them anyway so they will do it themselves)

  • dom2mom
    3rd Feb 2013 Member 3 Permalink

    Could you make an alert system whn peoples saves get locked, demoted, or deleted, showing which save and why? That would save a lot of confusion for people who don't go on the forums or read.

    3rd Feb 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Why is asking for votes banned in the first place... for example youtube the 3rd (i think) most viseted website has exactly the same voting system and dose it have that rule? No. Anyway the mods know best but all im saying is that you made a rule that is based (personly i can't really see how it is based on the no asking for votes rule that much anyway!) a rule that dosen't really make sense it's self!

  • boxmein
    3rd Feb 2013 Moderator 2 Permalink
    @WEIRDNUKE (View Post)
    Because people asking for votes have more chances to get voted than people who don't. Stuff like that is also called vote farming. These saves that say "50 votes = add something; 100 votes = add more" are really annoying as well.
  • dulaney
    12th Feb 2013 Banned 0 Permalink
    This post is hidden because the user is banned
  • Spock
    15th Feb 2013 Member 1 Permalink
    I wonder what the post above was?
  • bbdest
    21st Feb 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Eh, me too, because apparently dulaney is pissed at me, and I don't know why.

  • jacob1
    21st Feb 2013 Developer 0 Permalink
    @bbdest (View Post)
    what did he do? I don't see any other comments or posts from him.

    Was it something to do with being required to join his club or be banned? (that obviously isn't true)

    Edit: Ok, I see now. I locked all the convos he sent (just over 20), and perm banned him and all his alts. If you have a convo left over ... you can always just Hide it.
  • FeynmanLogomaker
    11th Mar 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    How come thanking for FP (in an innocuous, non-extravagant way) is against the rules? When you get FP, it normally makes you really want to show your gratitude to the people who put it there, but you can't. (I mean, I can understand those huge, quarter-page, flambouyant signs that are more made to show off how many FPs you've gotten before than to express thanks, but why not just a little "Thanks for getting me here" sign that fades away innocently in the corner?)

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