2010-12-09 10:24:00
Australia, Earth, the solar system, the Milky Way, the universe
You are wasting your time if you are reading this, I don't even know why you clicked it. No. Seriously, Why did you click it? Mabybe you were trying to know me better? you stalker =D Or, Maybe you accidently clicked it? Accidents happen on the highway. (or whatever you british/americans/aliens call them, for britain, is it, Duel carrage way? In America it's freeway isn't it?) Maybe you came to get some useful information about me to win an arguement? I always win arguements. Maybe you were board? Search my name, you won't be board for at least 2 hours. Whatever the reason, you are probably reading this now, unless your not, and will probably keep reading. but I think I am out of space here. Here's a smilie; =D I am going to keep writing till I fall off the page. Why are you still reading this? I only have 3 more things to say. 1. Make sure you can spell things correctly. 2. don't make S*** on TPT. 3. Stay awesome!!! =D =D =D. You cannot read this line, it is not on your screen. so how are you reading it?!?!?! I IZ CONFUZED!!!! HELP I THINK I'M SUFFORCATING!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!