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  • Catelite
    21st May 2012 Moderator 28 Permalink

    Just as a reminder, while there isn't anything bad about front page memes in particular, a lot of people are trying to make awesome stuff to get it to the front page and then have them removed at an unexpectedly early date or locked.


    I've not done much about it because I thought it was completely benign before, but in the last few weeks I've had to remove more than a handful of saves off the front page for having light-up, pixel-drawn "Thanks for FP!" signs, saves listing how many times they've gotten front page before, etc.


    I can also totally understand why people would do this, because it's awesomely gratifying to get your work put up on a pedastal, but we still try to remove saves that skirt on being unfair because of things that remind people to vote, even by proxy. We might get an achievements system or something someday so people can have this sort of info on their account or similar, who knows, but for the time being please don't risk having people remove your stuff from the front page over something silly.





    ...Also, while it might not be written down in rules, saves with more than one or two links to other saves are generally removed for the same reason, since the front page isn't really meant to be an advertising post.

  • AngrySpam
    21st May 2012 Member 2 Permalink
    so i always did think this was retarded...thanks for *hopefull* fixing some of it.

    and does this count as the first comment? or did you make that? i dont really get it...doesnt seem to fair if what you made is considered the first comment, 'cause nobody else got a chance...damnit so conused >.<
  • DJspiderize
    21st May 2012 Member 5 Permalink

    So, mine was taken off because of my thanks for the front page made out of bray?

    I made it like that and put it in the corner so it wouldn't be too in your face and so it would vanish quickly. Would it have been better to just do a normal sign?

  • pixel-club
    22nd May 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    An achieve system would be great for people to see user's status on a sidebar or something.

  • Catelite
    22nd May 2012 Moderator 0 Permalink

    Basically saying, it's not necessary, and doesn't particularly add to your save, so don't risk adding one if you want it to stay up on front page for as long as possible. :P

  • SalaHyena
    22nd May 2012 Member 6 Permalink

    Ehh, My opinion is that removing saves from frontpage because of "THX for FP" signs is somehow wrong. Or if it has more than 1 or 2 links it get notfrontpaged too. That way some awesome saves that are part of a series might not get to the frontpage they deserve.
    Just my opinion.

  • mniip
    22nd May 2012 Developer 3 Permalink
    I agree with first point, but dont like the second.
    actually, thanking for frontpage is basically thanking for votes, which is remindment about votes, which is not tolerated
  • Fast-Driver
    22nd May 2012 Member 5 Permalink

    I have to agree with Catelite on this one. The Powder Toy shouldn't be about madly gathering votes and advertising your new saves. I admit, I used to do it too, but as I have grown, I have realized that you can't go around bragging to people about votes (just as you shouldn't do that with Facebook likes). The Powder Toy is about socializing and having fun, working together and building better saves (although I have a soft spot for pixel art ^.^) so please, don't ruin this wonderful forum with your own selfish and egocentric goals of receiving votes.

    And most of the time, Cate is right even if it doesn't seem that way.

  • Minishooz
    22nd May 2012 Member 2 Permalink
    @Catelite (View Post)
    Does a link to a home page count as more than 1 link? as there are lots of links connected to home pages.
  • Catelite
    22nd May 2012 Moderator 5 Permalink

    It might seem stupid, but this is a measure for hopefully preventing a later problem, because some people -do- cross the line into gaudyness making signs like this, and making a sweeping rule for the whole thing is the only way I can think of to make it apparent. If it becomes apparent that thanking for front page is why saves are poofing, then people won't risk making them at all. :P


    Largely speaking the front page is supposed to be a showcase for awesome stuff anyway, we already have rules about putting too many logos, signs thanking for votes. Saves are similarly removed for having no actual content (made entirely of text signs) or otherwise being popular for some other social reason like making fun of Justin Beiber.


    It probably wouldn't hurt to just remember that your saves are on the front page because of the awesome stuff, and that putting extraenous other stuff inside actually makes it look worse :P



    ..Also, dunno about homepage links. Most people never get more than a few saves on front page at once in spite of homepage links anyway, no more than a single link to another save seems to cause. It's definitely advertising either way but at the time being it -seems- to be mostly fair, since there's plenty of other ways to do that anyway, like posting saves here on the forums. I don't really see that being changed anytime soon, just make sure you don't put like ten link signs in your save, because it looks retarded. :P

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