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Stickman is a character which can be controlled by the player using arrow keys. Stickman 2 is simply another entity controlled by the WASD keys.

One of the special abilities of stickman is to absorb and gain abilities of elements. When a non-solid particle contacts the stickman's head, the stickman usually gains the ability to spit that element out of its head.

Notable combinations: Gel can be put inside the head of stickman

Stickman can spark metal objects by pressing down (s for STK2) when it's head is inside them.


Stickman starts/spawns with 100 health, which can be seen if you hover the mouse over the middle of its head. STKM loses health if its temperature is above 49.85C, or below -30.15C. Therefore it is hurt by any elements that spawn outside this temperature range. However, some elements hurt stickman regardless of the temperature. These are ACID/CAUS, VIRS/VRSS/VRSG, and FIGH.

If Stickman is inside an element that hurts it, it will try to jump out, it will also start jumping when standing on something that is too hot.


If there is not a stickman on the screen, a new one will be created at the SPWN particle.

If more than one STKM particle exists on the screen, there will only be one body, but many heads.