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Den här kategorin innehåller 16 element, 14 som är riktiga väggar, alla är oförstörbara.

Conductor Wall.png Wall (Leder elektricitet)

Beskrivning: "Oförstörbar. Stoppar allting. Leder elektricitet."

Stoppar: Allting.

Låter gå igenom: Ingenting.

Speciellt: Leder SPRK. Genomskinlig för ARAY.

E-Wall.png E-wall

Beskrivning: "Blir genomskinlig när electricitet är till-kopplad."

Stoppar: Se speciellt.

Låter gå igenom: Se speciellt.

Special: Beter sig som WALL (Leder inte SPRK) ner electricitet inte är inkopplat, annars är den som Conductor Wall.

Detector.png Detector

Description: "Generates electricity when a particle is inside."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Will pass SPRK on to anything conductive while a particle is in its area.

Streamline.png Streamline

Description: "Set start point of a streamline."

Blocks: N/A

Allows: N/A

Special: Shows you how pressure is moving around the simulation.

Fan.png Fan

Description: "Accelerates Air. Use the line tool to set direction and strength."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Creates pressure and airflow. To use, place the wall where you need it, while you still have the Fan wall selected hold shift, click on the wall then drag in the direction you want air to flow.

Liquid Conductor Wall.png Liquid Permeable

Description: "Blocks most particles but lets liquids through. Conductive."

Blocks: Gases, Powders and Solids

Allows: Liquid Elements, Pressure

Special: Only allows liquids to pass through it, Also conducts SPRK to anything conductive

Absorb Wall.png Absorbing wall

Description: "Absorbs particles but lets air currents through."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Pressure

Special: Absorbs all particles that enter its space.

Wall Erase.png Eraser

Description: "Erases walls."

Blocks: N/A

Allows: N/A

Special: N/A

Wall.png Wall (non conductive)

Description: "Indestructible. Blocks everything."

Blocks: Everything

Allows: BRAY

Special N/A

Air Wall.png Non-permeable wall

Description: "Indestructible. Blocks particles, allows air."

Blocks: Gasses, Liquids, Solids and powders.

Allows: Pressure

Solid-Only Wall.png Solid-Permeable

Description: "Blocks liquids and gases, allows solids."

Blocks: Liquids and gases

Allows: Solids

Special Allows only solids.

Allow Conductor Wall.png Conductor

Description: "Allows particles, conducts electricity"

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Conducts SPRK to anything conductive.

E-Hole.png E-Hole

Description: "Absorbs particles, releases them when powered."

Allows: See Special

Blocks: See Special

:Special: Holds particles in place until electrified, releases them when electrified. Forms Black Holes when too much mass is put into it.

Gas Wall.png Gas permeable wall

Description: "Indestructible. Blocks liquids and solids, allows gases."

Blocks: Liquids, Solids and Powders.

Allows: Gasses and Pressure

Special: This wall does allow FIRE as well.

Gravity Wall.png Gravity wall

Blocks: Newtonian gravity.

Allows: Allows all particles

Special: If you make a box using gravity wall, then Newtonian gravity has no effect inside the box.

Energy Wall.png Energy Wall

Description: "Allows only energy type particles to pass."

Blocks: Everything except photons, neutrons, electrons and BRAY.

Allows: Photons, neutrons, electrons and BRAY.

Special: N/A