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Will pass SPRK on to anything conductive while a particle is in its area.
Will pass SPRK on to anything conductive while a particle is in its area.
When activated, it gives out a orange glow.
=== [[File:Streamline.png]] Streamline  ===
=== [[File:Streamline.png]] Streamline  ===

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This category contains 16 elements, 14 of which are true walls, all of which are indestructible.

NOTE: some things like BRAY (when shot out from ARAY) can go through any wall. This is just because it doesn't check for walls when being created, it can't actually exist inside most walls. LIGH used to do the same.

Wall Erase.png Eraser

Description: "Erases walls."

Blocks: N/A

Allows: N/A

Special: N/A

Conductor Wall.png Conductive Wall

Description: "Blocks everything. Conductive."

Blocks: Everything

Allows: Nothing

Special: Conducts SPRK. Transparent to ARAY.

E-Wall.png E-wall

Description: "E-Wall. Becomes transparent when electricity is connected."

Blocks: See special

Allows: See special

Special: Acts like WALL (Non conductive) when not electrified, otherwise acts like Conductor.

Refer to GRAVITY WALL E-hole can remove the jet packs of a stickman or fighter

Detector.png Detector

Description: "Detector. Generates electricity when a particle is inside."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Will pass SPRK on to anything conductive while a particle is in its area. When activated, it gives out a orange glow.

Streamline.png Streamline

Description: "Streamline. Set start point of a streamline."

Blocks: N/A

Allows: N/A

Special: Shows you how pressure is moving around the simulation.

Fan.png Fan

Description: "Fan. Accelerates Air. Use the line tool to set direction and strength."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Creates pressure and airflow. To use, place the wall where you need it, while you still have the Fan wall selected hold shift, click on the wall then drag in the direction you want air to flow.

Stickman (or fighter): Like gravity wall, Fan gives stickman an ability, but this time it is not distinct from an element. For example, if a stickman stick its head in a fan, and if later on it goes swimming in water, it will lose its fan abilities. Fan does not seem to propel a sticman

Liquid Conductor Wall.png Liquid Permeable

Description: "Blocks most particles but lets liquids through. Conductive."

Blocks: Gases, Powders and Solids

Allows: Liquid Elements, Pressure

Special: Only allows liquids to pass through it, Also conducts SPRK to anything conductive

Absorb Wall.png Absorbing wall

Description: "Absorbs particles but lets air currents through."

Blocks: Nothing, it eats them instead

Allows: Pressure

Special: Absorbs all particles that enter its space.

Wall.png Wall

Description: "Basic wall, blocks everything."

Blocks: Everything

Allows: Nothing

Special N/A

Air Wall.png Non-permeable wall

Description: "Allows air, but blocks all particles."

Blocks: All particles of any state

Allows: Pressure

Solid-Only Wall.png Powder-Permeable

Description: "Allows powders, blocks all other particles."

Blocks: Anything not a powder, except FIRE, SMKE and CO2

Allows: Powders, FIRE, SMKE, CO2

Special Allows only powders.

Allow Conductor Wall.png Conductor

Description: "Allows all particles to pass through and conducts electricity."

Blocks: Nothing

Allows: Everything

Special: Conducts SPRK to anything conductive.

E-Hole.png E-Hole

Description: "E-Hole. Absorbs particles, releases them when powered."

Allows: See Special

Blocks: See Special

:Special: Holds particles in place until electrified, releases them when electrified. Forms Black Holes when too much mass is put into it.

Gas Wall.png Gas permeable wall

Description: "Allows gasses, blocks all other particles."

Blocks: Liquids, Solids and Powders.

Allows: Gasses and Pressure

Special: This wall does allow FIRE as well.

Gravity Wall.png Gravity wall

Description: "Gravity wall. Newtonian Gravity has no effect inside a box drawn with this."

Blocks: Newtonian gravity.

Allows: Allows all particles

Special: If you make a box using gravity wall, then Newtonian gravity has no effect inside the box. It does not block how things like pressure are blocked, it just sets the gravity of all things inside the box to 0.


When a stickman/fighter makes contact, small purple rocket boots appear (Or what other call jetpacks), giving that person the ability to fly by ejecting hot plasma downwards. A stickman can still use another element, but cannot walk or "jump" without creating plasma, making troublesome to walk across flammable materials. A stickman cannot be by its own plasma, but can be hurt from the plasma of the other stickman or a fighter

Controls: ^ arrow key: up < arrow key: left > arrow key: right <> simultaneously held down: Brake (Slowly goes down)

Energy Wall.png Energy Wall

Description: "Allows energy particles, blocks all other particles."

Blocks: Everything except energy particles.

Allows: All energy particles. At the moment, these are PHOT, NEUT, ELEC, and PROT

Special: N/A