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There are some special elements, with them you can heat other particles, clone particles and yes, Stickman!


Solid. Clone particles.

Clone particles basically make endless copies of the first other particle they make contact with.

These particles have a special variable for remembering what the last thing they touched was, and this is preserved in stamps/saves, meaning you can transport working clone particles into tight spaces if you work carefully. If you draw over any clone type with the brush, it will clone the element you had selected instead.

...Clone particles are also transparent to photons, meaning they act like Glass to them. This is useful for making lasers.

DMND Diamond

Color: Light teal

Temp: 22.00

Solid. Indestructible. Does not conduct electricity.

BCLN Breakable Clone

Same as clone, but breakable under pressure (like goo).

it also breaks under large amounts of singularity or negative pressure.

STKM Stickman

Stickman. Don't kill him.

Experiment with the harsh conditions possible on the powder toy using your own mortal stick man! He is affected by gravity and air.

Use the left and right arrow keys to make him run, and use the up key to make him jump. The legs still are slightly glitchy but have considerably improved. Occasionally, his feet may stretch to outrageous lengths and then proceed to throw him violently about and even through solids.

By touching stickman's head against an element (or particular walls) his head will change color, and then by pressing Down he'll spit out that element. Note that it you place his head against a metal, he will spark the metal. This feature enables stickmen to use electronics, or even guns.

Stickman sinks in water, but he can technically swim.

Extreme hot (greater than 62 C) or cold will eat away at Stickman's health, and extreme pressure (about pressure =8.00) will instantly liquefy him by forming a mound of the powder that his head is made of. Lower pressures can throw stickman around. He isn't affected by extreme vacuum. Radioactive elements and life elements also damage and kill him, and anything else that seems dangerous (like acid or fire).

By touching him against plant, he will regenerate lost health, the limit being 100 health points. NOTE: Except when you change his life in the console: !set life stkm (life here)

STKM can have rocket boots equipped when he passes through the gravity wall. Press [up] on the arrow keys to control his altitude. Press [left] or [right] to control his horizontal velocity. To brake, press < and > at the same time. To deactivate rocket boots, Let the stickman go through E-HOLE. Rocket boots fire plasma. It is noted that fighters also have the ability to use rocket boots.

VENT Air Vent

Solid. Generates pressure and push particles away.

Vent generates constant pressure on any space it occupies, meaning you can flood fill areas to pressurize them. However otherwise it's effectively just like Diamond.

In versions 45 and beyond, it can be destroyed by Bomb

VACU Vacuum

Solid. Generates negative pressure and heats up by sucking particles.

Vacuum generates constant negative pressure on any space it occupies, meaning you can use flood fill to vacuum whole areas out.

Vacuum acts like Void otherwise, and absorbs any particles that are moving into it (but NOT particles that are simply touching it. It's possible to line vacuum with other elements provided they don't move into it.)

Make special note that Vacuum gains heat whenever it consumes anything.

Since version 45, it can be destroyed by Bomb

CONV Converter

Solid, changes any particle it touches into it's ctype except diamond.

Set the ctype of the CONV by either drawing over the CONV with the desired particle, or you can type in the console: !set ctype CONV (desired ctype).

The ctype is also changed into the first particle it touches.


Maroon solid. Destroys particles.

Also, it creates a small amount of pressure.

This element essentially represents the outer boundary of the simulation field. Any particles that travel into it (NOT particles simply touching it)cease being simulated and immediately disappear.

Void is capable of conducting heat, and so clone can be used in combination with Void or Black Hole to make arbitrary temperature regulators.

STK2.png Second Stickman [STK2]

Essentially the same as STKM. Press A to move left, D to move right, W to jump, and S to use special.

When it's on the screen, use CTRL + s to save, CTRL + d to activate debug mode, and Shift + w to switch gravity modes.

PRTI Portal IN

Elements go inside and then come out of Portal OUT.

A system where only Portal IN exists will result in the particles first entering and being stored in the PRTI, after a short time though, it will cause the particles to sile up outside the Portal IN until a Portal OUT is created.

The larger the surface area of Portal In you have at one time, the faster it will come in.

Produces a small amount of Low Pressure to attract particles.

Also, the pressure it creates does not break breakable elements.

Note: Portals can also be used like WIFI to transfer SPRK to other places. It also comes with channels defined by heat, just like with WIFI. This way you can have multiple portals that don't link to each other in one save.


Elements put in Portal IN come out here.

The larger surface area of Portal OUT you have at one time, the faster it will come out.

Produces a small amount of High pressure to expel particles.


Spawning tempurature: -273.15c

A programmed element that travels around the screen in 4 possible directions. It will gradually get longer the longer it exists on the screen. TRON will try to maneuver as best it can not to crash into itself or other TRON entities on the screen. It will also think cleverly to get out of classic "snake" situations.

BHOL Black Hole

Creates a negative gravity field and sucks in particles (like vacuum without exerting any pressure), Newtonian gravity must be enabled. Can also be created using the console by putting alot of particles on the screen and compressing them.

        !set x all A
        !set y all A

A is for example 255.

WHOL White Hole

Creates a positive gravity field pushing other particles away (similar to vent without exerting pressure), Newtonian gravity must be enabled.

FIGH Fighter

Fighter is simply a CPU controlled AI for STKM. FIGH will attempt to attack a STKM (when spawned) by spitting it's ctype out, just like ordinary STKM. FIGH will stand still if there is no STKM in the simulation. FIGH has identical body physics to STKM and will die in the same conditions. You can spawn up to 100 fighters! You can also change his maximum health by going in the console and typing

!set life figh ???