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TRON.png Tron
Section Special
Spawn temperature -273.15°C
Heat Conductivity 16%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code

A programmed element that travels around the screen in 4 possible directions. It will gradually get longer the longer it exists on the screen. TRON will try to maneuver as best it can not to crash into itself or other TRON entities on the screen. It will also think cleverly to get out of classic "snake" situations.

TRON Properties

tmp is a bit field. See below for details.

tmp2 is the tail length. It gets longer every few hundred frames.

life is the timer that kills the end of the tail. In the case of the head, it is the timer used to make the tail longer.

ctype contains the color, is lost on save, and is regenerated from the tmp color value.

tmp Bit Values

HEAD: The 1st bit from the right (0x1) is the head flag. If this bit is set, the particle is a "head" and will generate a tail.

NOGROW: The 2nd bit from the right (0x2) determines if the tail should grow longer over time. If it is set, the TRON particle will remain at it's current size until it dies.

WAIT: The 3rd bit from the right (0x4) is the wait flag. It is set when the TRON particle is first created and should wait a frame before doing anything.

NODIE: The 4th bit from the right (0x8) sets whether or not the tail of the TRON particle fades away over time. If it is set, the tail will remain permanently.

DEATH: The 5th bit from the right (0x10) is set if the TRON particle has crashed and is now dying.

direction: The 6th and 7th bits from the right (0x60) determine the direction the TRON particle is moving. Two bits give four possible numbers, corresponding to four directions.

color: The 8th through 16th bits from the right (0xFF80) determine the TRON's hue. There are 32 possible hues determined by the 5 most significant bits (0xF800) of this field.

NORANDOM: The 17th bit from the right (0x10000) sets the behavior of the TRON particle. If it is set, the particle will not turn randomly, and will only change direction if it is about to hit something. This is commonly referred to as "zombie" mode.

Language: [[::Element:TRON|English]]